About the call to bring back Cell 9

Dear Editor,


I am still trying hard to swallow hence I haven’t eaten since I’d read your story about a speech in Parliament by the honourable member for Faleata West Lealailepule Limoni Aiafi to bring back Tafa’igata Cell number 9.

Just because he had thought when jail breaks, his constituencies had to suffer first and foremost; yeah?

And now he wishes for these escapees to be thrown into Cell 9 if revived?

How narrow minded are some of these lawmakers.

The member for Faleata West had all he cares for is in his constituency however the most iconic crime committed by a prisoner on the loose, was over that Bunyan Tree house that featured in a 60 Minutes worldwide television current affairs programme.

For sure that is not in Faleata West but in my territory; Siūmu.

Did I ever slam the idiot who committed the crime? I think I said we failed him badly despite the fact I didn’t like what the fool did.

But of course as a nation we failed all the prison escapees by not providing a secured parameter to muster the numbers away from the rest of us.

I can only suggest for the Member, rather campaigning for the reintroduction of the evil cell room, would not it be wise to look at us first as people to apply the innocuous methodology to make sure we can also survive if we are thrown in there?

Easy for us who are not and have not been prisoners to go on the onslaught but please be mindful, they definitely deserved a humane treatment.

Prisoners definitely have human rights just like any of us. Breaking the law does not mean it deprives them of being as human as any of us.

Be nice to prisoners for goodness sake. They are prisoners because they are stupid and have been got caught.

However of cause, we are all prisoners however some are so good the law hasn’t caught up with them yet.

Yours sincerely,


Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefgo Joseph Hollywood Palisi

P.S.: I think I did see some former members of parliament at Tafa’igata so be very careful here of what we say.

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