An example that Parliament is working

Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. firm on Church vs. Govt. tax dispute

This story shows another example of the Parliament not being a rubber stamp for Stui. 

M.P’s from the H.R.P.P. have no issue raising objections to laws that are dear to them. 

In fact, most of the opposition to the government in this term so far has been from the H.R.P.P. backbenchers themselves. 

They are doing a better job of being the opposition than Olo Vaai’s 3 Amigos.

As for La’auli, it should be noted he voted for this law. He should have raised his objections at the time of the debate way back in May and June 2017. 

No point raising objections now the law has been passed over half a year ago. 

As for the E.F.K.S. Elders Committee, they have no power to do anything here. They should stick to their church matters. 

Taxes are the business of the government. If they are seriously telling their faifeau not to pay their taxes until the Elders have made a decision, then the Elders are essentially telling the faifeau to disobey the law. 

They are telling their faifeau to be lawbreakers.


Petelo Suaniu

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