Open your eyes, Prime Minister Tuilaepa!

Dear Editor,

Re: Israel still paying for crucifying Jesus Christ, P.M. says

First of all, where did you get that ideology? How can you say King David is not a Jew? How can you say Zion is not in Israel? 

And I quote from your statement “Jews at the time knew that King David was Not a Jew because of Ruth. Because Jews Law was that, to be a Jew, you must be born of a Jewish mother. They knew Boaz Descendants were not Jews because of David’s great-grandmother, Ruth.” 

Well, according to your comment, you have no knowledge from historical records or Biblical events.

Let me give you some brief information of why I would not agree with you. 

You must understand where the word Jew comes from and what is the root word and why are Israelites today called Jews. 

To be short, lets go back to the history of Israelites started from the man named Jacob who later became known as Israel. Jacob has 12 sons and this is where the 12 tribes of Israel originate. The fourth son of Jacob named Judah in English but the original Hebrew is Yehudah. 

The name Jew is an English translation derived from the word Yehudi which is actually Judah the son of Jacob. So, all the descendants of Judah are called Jews. The reason why the name Jew is common today instead of Israelite. Back in 869BCE when the united kingdom of Israel which is all the 12 tribes of Israel was under King David reign. 

After King David, his son King Solomon was next to his reign and this is when the kingdom divided in two, which is the Northern Kingdom- Israel (10 tribes) and the southern kingdom- Judah (2 tribes). 

Both Kingdoms were conquered by Assyrian and Babylon, only the southern kingdom of Judah went back to the land from the exile and the northern kingdom was lost and that is known as the LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL.

Only Judah and some tribes of Benjamin went back to the land before the new testament. Around that time, people of Israel, known and referred to themselves as Jews. 

For my response, King David is an Israelite from the tribe of Judah, literally he is a Jew as well. If you said David is not a Jew because of his great, great grandma, I don’t know where you came up with this idea even the scientific studies don’t support this. 

If his great grandma isn’t an Israelite but his great grandpa is a Jew, then he is  Jew. Zion is in Israel, Zion is the name given by God to the city of Jerusalem the city of David, is actually the capital city of the State of Israel today.

My response to the P.M., he should support the recognising of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel. 

God never let the curse upon His chosen people. It’s not the punishment, it’s God’s plan. We as Samoans should support the Jewish state of Israel and Jerusalem as her Capital. The failure of Jews to recognise their messiah is actually the blessing for the Gentiles, include Samoa.

I quote from the Bible, Genesis 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” 

This is God speaking to Abraham and his covenant to him through Isaac, Jacob and Israelites and all the people who blessed the nation of Israel and support them. 

The P.M. in his response to the issue discussed in the United Nations is revealing himself that he still condemns the Jews because of the killing of Jesus. 

You should know that is the reason why Jesus who is God himself came on earth is to die for our sins. Wake up P.M., look at our nation. We live in a peaceful country, no wars and no conflicts compared to the Middle East. 

Look at the re-born tiny state of Israel, the chosen people of God. They were surrounded by their enemies and it was so surprising they still survived and it is highly secured, and the only democracy in the Middle East. 

The people of Israel are survivors and live peacefully in the land today, only the enemies Arab nations are trying to wipe out Israel from the face of the earth but they can’t.

Mr. P.M. can’t you see the presence of God upon Israel today and the Bible prophecies that are now being fulfilled? Be brave and support Israel and Jerusalem her city. 

Don’t be scared of other nations condemning U.S.A. president and his recognition of Jerusalem, support Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, the P.M. of Israel and you will see the blessings of God of Israel upon you and your reign as a P.M. of Samoa. 

May the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob Israel and the God of Christianity bless our nation.


Maileia Stanley Tulutuluitao

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