$20m prison project

28 January 2018, 12:00AM

The Minister of Finance defended the decision by the Government to invest in a $20m prison which will be built at Tanumalala. Our reporter, Nefertiti Matatia asked the public: What do you think about the Government’s decision on a $20m prison investment? This is what they said:

Peresiteine Lokeni, 25, Malie

Spending $20 million on a prison is so much money and in my own opinion the money that is supposed to be spent on this project should not reach $10 million and use the rest on some of the people of this nation who are still looking for water and also our roads that still need fixing. That is a good investment.


Lauvao Toe, 68, Faleasiu

In my opinion this money is a bit too much to be spent on just a new prison. $20 million is a lot of money. I suppose they should just use half of that money instead. I believe so much could be done with the $20m. The Government should also consider the development of the nation as a whole. 

If you think about it, $10 million is more than enough to complete this project, despite how big the prison will be, but if they want to build a high security prison, they need to be honest with their work so $20 million can be a worthwhile investment. 

Having a better place for prisoners is all part of developing Samoa because it prevents prisoners from escaping, but there are still some families who still do not have water and things like that, which is why it is better to split this $20 million and use the other portion to help people who are in desperate need for water.


Leaupepetele Siliva, 42, Faleasiu

If the Government has agreed to spend $20 million on building a new prison, then I am certain that it is all part of the development of the country and it something must be done. I don’t think that this $20 million will be enough to carry out this project. In overseas there are televisions in prisons and comfortable beds and even good meal. 

The reason behind the escape of so many prisoners is because the place that they live in is not good as well as the food. My brother told me a story when he was in prison of how untidy and despicable the prison cells were. Which is not safe and that is my own opinion. There is a reason the Government allocated this amount of money for this investment.


Saili Tulimasealii, 52, Utualii

It is a must to invest in such a project so that everyone is secure and safe from these prisoners who always escape, but I think we are spending so much money. However, this decision made by the Government reassures the safety of the Samoan people. At the end of the day those people in prison are our own people, not people from overseas, and that is we should build something good for them.


Zac Sale, 27, Tufulele

$20 million is just too much which will be spent on building a new prison but there are still no changes they will keep on running away. We are spending so much money on this instead of earning anything back in return. They never change their old ways and once they are forgiven and released from jail, they still do the same thing.

The Government could have at least spent that money on villages that have families who still struggle to get water or some families who still use ancient Samoan bathrooms, which would be more meaningful. Building a flashy prison might give a wrong impression to people who might think the prison is a hotel.

28 January 2018, 12:00AM

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