Lucky you (Part 1)

Think a minute…One night in June, 1997, a 55-year-old mother named Karen Minahan was hit by a car driven by a drunk driver. The driver then backed up and ran over her two more times! Karen’s lungs were punctured and all of her ribs were broken. She even had to have her right leg cut off.

Over the next 4 years, Karen had 26 painful operations. All of her suffering, including losing her leg and job, would have destroyed most people’s hope for success. 

But Karen believes she can find hope and happiness no matter what bad things happen to her. In fact, she’s now on several executive boards that raise millions of dollars to help people who need new legs and arms. Karen says:  “I’ve always known I’m lucky! Now I can help people worse-off than I am.”

Many people believe in luck and superstitions. They carry lucky charms like special jewelry or clothing. 

They do the same ritual before important events for good luck. 

Many are afraid of bad luck so they stay away from things like the number 13, black cats and broken mirrors. 

But that kind of luck isn’t real and only happens by coincidence. People who believe in bad luck and superstitions live in almost constant fear of doing the wrong thing, even by accident, because they think it will jinx or curse them and their family.

But real luck brings opportunities for success and satisfaction that really last. And the only way to be this lucky is to build your own good character and attitude every day. Today and tomorrow, we’re going to talk about the secrets of lucky people.

The first secret is you must believe that you’re lucky and God’s on your side. 

You must know that God created you for good things, and that they’re happening to you not by chance, but for a purpose. 

So even if bad things happen, God will help you use those experiences to become a much better, more successful person. It’s when you know this that your whole attitude and way of living changes. 

People will like you more and want to help you. So why not ask Jesus Christ to take control of your life? He’ll show you what you need to change. 

Then, you’ll have total confidence every day that God’s on your side working with you in everything to make His plans for your life start to happen. Just Think a Minute…

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