Prime Minister Tuilaepa’s obsession with O.L.P.

Dear Editor,

The P.M’s obsession with O.L.P is growing closer to lunacy. 

Does the P.M. have ‘skeletons in the cupboard’ that he’s paranoid will be exposed or has he just been in power so long that he can’t comprehend the idea of anyone challenging his thinking? 

Either way O.L.P. seems to be on his mind day and night so that he can’t concentrate on running the country anymore.

If the government wants to prosecute ‘ghost writers’ why not start with Dennis A Smith. 

Mr. Smith is not hiding his identity in the least and his blog comments are just as inflammatory as O.L.P’s. I guess the logic is that Mr. Smith resides in NZ and is therefore outside Samoan law. 

O.L.P. on the other hand seems to have an inside perspective on Samoan life but who’s to say that O.L.P’s blog is not being uploaded from overseas. 

Is it not possible that a Samoan resident is merely having private email conversations with friends overseas who then turn it into a blog? 

Presumably the Samoan ‘Thought Police’ haven’t outlawed private conversations yet!

To me the P.M’s obsession with ‘ghost writers’ shows he’s becoming and old dinosaur who cannot adapt to the new information age. 

He’s right of course that there are a lot of idiot ‘keyboard warriors’ out there, one just needs to read some of the stupid comments to O.L.P’s blog to see that, but what human tool hasn’t been used in this way. 

Even a bush knife can cut taro or person’s head

Every government has its detractors but how they deal with them depends upon the government’s maturity and confidence in its own policies. 

Simply knocking an opinion on the head has never been known to stop it popping up somewhere else.


Pika T.

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