Laugh a little

Think a minute…In 1998 an award winning movie called Life is Beautiful dramatically showed the power of humor. 

In it a father gives his son a beautiful life of joy and laughter, even while they are suffering and starving in a Nazi concentration camp. 

Each day the father did not know if it was their last, so he chose to see and show the funny side of everything to his son. 

This was their secret weapon to fight against the horrible evil of the holocaust that tortured and murdered six million Jews. 

Throughout each day the father made up jokes and games to keep laughter in his son’s life…right up to the final moment the Nazi soldier took the father to his death! 

Someone said: “There is always something to smile and laugh about—if you look hard enough.” Maybe you’ve heard the saying:  “Life’s hard and then you die.” 

But that is only if you allow the hard things of life ruin everything else. 

We should never let anyone or anything steal our joy and sense of humor. 

It is one of our most important survival skills in life. 

A sense of humor can help us make sense of the seemingly senseless, painful things that happen to us. 

It gives us a clearer, better perspective on our difficulties and disappointments. 

Laughter and humor will make a big difference in your marriage and family, as well as your job and career. 

Since you are on this journey of life, why not enjoy every day of it? Besides, the problem you have now may be a funny story you laugh about years from now. 

Life is too short to let your daily pressures and problems steal your happiness. 

So fight back and win with your weapon of humor and joy. 

Remember, there are plenty of serious things in life without you taking yourself too seriously. 

So if you cannot find anything to laugh about—laugh at yourself! If you can’t, you probably won’t be very happy or fun to live with. 

Someone said: “Death is universal, life is not.” 

Everyone dies, but not everyone really lives. Won’t you ask your Creator to give you His real life and inner joy today? 

Ask Jesus to forgive you for living your own way, and to take full charge of your heart and way of life every day. 

Then no matter what problems you face, He will always help you to “laugh a little” and “live a lot”. 

Just think a minute…

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