Independent state of Samoa?

Dear Editor,

Re: Aid galore Samoa 

They are chipping away on the first two letters that defined Samoa since 1962.

The INdependent state of Samoa, would eventually become the overly dependent state of Samoa.

They have started with flooding samoa with 2-dollar quality products to build their infrastructure.

The P.M. and H.R.P.P. in their part of the deal is to ensure the loss of rights of individual Samoans to their customary land, as securities to their long term investments.

And the Chinese want to devour the bigger slice of the pie before the rest come rushing in.

And the best part of the pie that had been cooked up by the P.M. and the H.R.P.P. was the cream, the sweetener, L.T.R.A. 2008.

On the matter about China helping Samoa with the chronic shortage of doctors, the problem is due some of them moving into Parliament like that of the current Minister of Health and his Associate.

Then there are those that moved into administration posts within the Ministry’s structure.

Others have opted to have their own private clinics or work in the privately owned hospitals.

For some, they have even moved to earn the greenbacks next door. That’s the real problem.


Ropati V.

Samoa Observer

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