Sports brings people together

By Aruna Lolani 16 July 2017, 12:00AM

Meet Fiali’i Tuilimu of Lotofaga Safata.

He is a 22 year old who believes that sport activities not only provide great entertainment for people all over the world but are also a key factor that has been proven to bring people together. 

Village Voice caught up with Fialii yesterday as he was watching the Lotofaga-Safata Rugby Tournament.

He is the eldest of three siblings and he considers himself to be a very good role model for the younger ones in his family. 

“I love sports. I think it’s an important key factor to bring people all around the world especially for our society here in Samoa,” he told Village Voice. 

“I mean Samoa is not a bad country but I’m saying this based on our youth and how sometimes they don’t get along.”

“We all know that our youth tend to misbehave sometimes and that’s because there’s nothing there for them to hold on to.”

“That’s why I think sports is very important and useful for our youth communities.” 

“Sports is a great way of bringing them together and spreading the message of goodwill.”

“I mean Samoa is currently faced with situations where most of our youth fight against each other and it’s hard to put a stop to it and I think sports could be a life-changing method if we emphasized it.” 

“We can also use it as a way of encouraging the youth to live and associate together in peace.”

“You know sometimes when adults or our parents communicate with us and sometimes we don’t understand, well I believe sports speak faster in a way that make children, teenagers, youth,  understand the issues that they can relate to.”

“I advise every village to hold sporting activities for their youth and not just for children.  Sports makes people happy and you can see that on anyone’s face once they’re into the game they’re playing.”

“This can be our second home when sometimes we feel like we don’t have a place to be happy in and it helps each youth, individually to learn cooperation, sharing, and most importantly, respect.”

“I believe this is the key to bring different people together and it can make them happy.”

By Aruna Lolani 16 July 2017, 12:00AM

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