No greater love

Think a minute…A four year old girl was seriously hurt in a car accident. She had lost so much blood that she would probably die. Her only hope was for someone else to give her blood. But her blood type was very rare and the doctors did not know if they could find anyone in time with her same blood type who was also willing to give their blood. Then, they discovered that the girl’s 7 year old brother had the same blood type as hers. The doctor led her brother into his office to tell him that his baby sister was very sick and unless she received some blood, the angels would probably need to take her to heaven. The brother’s eyes filled with tears. For a few moments, he tried to hold back his strong feelings of fear and sadness, then he said softly to the doctor:  “I’ll give my blood to my sister.”

Later, as the young boy watched his blood going through a tube into his sister, he became even more nervous and afraid. The doctor could see the little boy’s fear and told him:  “It will be over very soon.” The boy started to cry and said:  “So now is when I’m going to die.” From the very first time the doctor had asked this boy to give his blood for his sister, the young boy thought it meant he needed to give ALL of his blood and die so his sister could live. Yet this little boy loved his sister that much, He was giving his life for her.

Did you know Jesus Christ did even more than that for you? Even though He is God Himself, He loves you and me so much He gave His perfectly innocent life so we could finally be forgiven and live forever with Him. God humiliated Himself by becoming a human being to die for all our wrongs. Remember, He never did one wrong He needed to die for. So His perfect life and death paid the penalty for all our sins. Then after He was dead and buried for 3 days, He came back to life so we can share in His kind of life, both now and forever after we die. He is the only hope we have. So have you asked Jesus to forgive you and give you His new life today? He loves you more than anybody does—so much that He died to save you. Won’t you thank and love Him in return by living His right, successful way every day?  Just Think a Minute…

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