CULTURE NEEDS A DO-OVER:  Molio’o Petelo Peters.

‘Misguided pride bleeds country dry’

Pride in thyself; family and culture is not bad but when such pride is misguided, it has devastating consequences. Such consequences are contributing to many challenges Samoa faces today. 

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Voice for the Unheard

In this day and age, social media seems to be the most influential tool for pretty much anything and anyone. However, the way this tool is used is the choice of each individual.

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READY TO PRAISE AS ONE: Y.F.C. Director Manasa Aloali’i and Moe Jr. Jensen.

Mission to break the barriers

The divisions among followers of certain religions are not new. And when it comes to Christianity, there is no exception. 

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First Lady Michelle Obama takes the stage during the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Monday, July 25, 2016.

Michelle Obama wears American designer Christian Siriano

Michelle Obama, who ditched the boxy jackets and dowdy style of so many first ladies before her, addressed the Democratic National Convention in a flouncy, bright blue dress by designer Christian Siriano.

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Ambulance crew and police officers are seen outside a facility for the handicapped where a number of people were killed and dozens injured in a knife attack Tuesday, July 26, 2016, in Sagamihara, outside Tokyo.

At least 15 killed, dozens injured in knifing near Tokyo

At least 15 people were killed and about 20 wounded in a knife attack Tuesday at a facility for the handicapped in a city just outside Tokyo in a rare case of mass violence in Japan, according to Japanese media reports.

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Queensland Reds hire Stiles as head coach on 2-year contract

Nick Stiles has been appointed as head coach of the Queensland Reds on a two-year contract, given outright control of the job he has shared with Matt O'Connor since Richard Graham was released early in the season.

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Australia's delegation head Kitty Chiller, right, and boxer Daniel Lewis listen to questions during a press conference in the Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Monday, July 25, 2016. The head of the Australian delegation says that despite a delay of

Despite delays, Australians ready to move to Rio village

Despite a delay of several days, the head of the Australian delegation says she expects her 700 athletes and officials to move into housing at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics on Wednesday.

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Street Talk

A question of safety on buses

The bus crash at Tiavi last week, which has claimed one man’s life, has again raised questions about the safety of public transportation in Samoa. In particular, the issue of wooden versus ready-made buses has resurfaced. Is it not time to get rid of the wooden buses now? Why? Why not? Ilia Likou asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what people said:

Peneueta, 50


Aso Matemate, 45


Eli Taualai, 36


Fereti Tupuola, 46


Pofito Semasi, 35


Toni Penisula, 37


Think a Minute

Think a minute …My grandparents had a neighbor who liked talking about how busy she was and how quickly she got things done. One day she said, “This morning I killed the chicken for dinner and made all the beds before my family even woke up!” Now that’s fast! And, of course, not possible!


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Cost of ignoring the need to deal with corruption

When you bend a piece of stick hard and long enough, it will eventually break. Just as whatever goes up must come down, life is a bit like that. We reap what we sow. Looking at some of the challenges this country is confronted by in this day and age, whether it’s political, economical, spiritual, cultural or whatever, it’s hard to ignore that principle with the thought that perhaps with a few key changes we did not make, the outcome might have been different.

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, Re: Moe Lei Sam’s concerns What Ms. Lei Sam is talking about and her concerns mentioned in the article about the state of Samoa, have been discussed many times. And it’s true what she said, that nothing has been done about the concerns till this day.

Dear Editor, Re: Concerned about Samoa’s State When I read the article “Concerned about Samoa’s State”, I feel very sad. In fact, most Chinese doing business in Samoa can’t speak English. Facing the blame, they can’t defend themselves though they feel a sense of grievance. They even don’t know there is so much blame on them in the newspaper.

Dear Editor, Re: A bunch of hypocrites I will have to say “Only fools rush in…” It’s not like the world will end tomorrow, change can only be achieved when good information is shared with the majority.




Keith Weglin, 29, of Sacramento, California, taken at the Douglas County Jail in Minden, Nev.

Celebrity golf fan arrested after touching Justin Timberlake

A California man was arrested for disorderly conduct after Justin Timberlake said he got too physical with him last weekend during the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at Lake Tahoe, sheriff's officials said Tuesday.

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A man uses his mobile phone near an Apple store in Beijing.

As iPhone sale sag, Apple touts apps and services instead

You can expect to hear a lot more from Apple about the virtues of mobile apps and online services in coming months. And for good reason: They're just about the only part of Apple's business that's growing right now.

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