BATTLE EXTREMISM, NOT RELIGION: Mustenser Qamar, a devout Muslim, explains his faith and how it is abused by extremists.

“We’re not terrorists”

A Muslim, who is a regular visitor to Samoa, says not all Muslims are terrorists. Mustenser Qamar, who has spoken about the false allegations against his faith in numerous letters to the editor, made the comment in response to recent calls for Samoa to ban Islam.

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BACK IN THE WILD: Identified as a boa snake, this creature has been released back in Savaii.

Snake in Savai’i released

A snake found in Savai’i two weeks ago has been released back into the wild.  This was confirmed in a letter to the Samoa Observer by the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Safuta Toelau Iulio. The letter is published below in full:

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SAY NO TO TOBACCO: The women of Lepea during a dance demonstrating their rejection of smoking as Samoa joins the rest of the world to condemn tobacco consumption.

Village says “no to tobacco”

Samoa is joining the rest of the world to condemn the harmful effects of tobacco use.

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Police officers inspect the site where the body of slain 22-year-old student Sara Di Pietrantonio was found in the outskirts of Rome.

Rome student burned alive by ex-boyfriend, police say

A Rome university student was burned alive by her ex-boyfriend after she left him, authorities said Monday — a slaying one investigator called the most atrocious crime he has seen in his career.

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Woman fails to save friend in Australian crocodile attack

A woman struggled in vain to drag her friend from a crocodile's jaws off a northeast Australian beach, police said on Monday.

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MANU SAMOA AND PROUD: Winston Stanley is ready to represent the Manu Samoa.

Stanley ready to represent

Being born with a gift is sometimes not enough. For some people, help and support from family can mean the difference between moving forward and remaining the same.

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BACK HOME SAFELY: The Samoa Weightlifting Federation is back in the country with 8 gold medals, 3 silvers, 1 bronze and trophies for being the best overall team trophy and points in both Female and Male.

Oceania Championship, a success

The Samoa Weightlifting team that represented Samoa in the Oceania Championship held in Suva, Fiji is back in the country after a weeklong of competing against other countries.

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Think a Minute

Think a minute…Successful country singer Lonzo Green was visiting his relatives. His teenage nephew Jim and all his friends gathered in Jim’s house to meet his famous uncle. But there was one quiet 15-year-old boy whom Jim’s parents would not allow to come inside their house.


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A time for caution

The Minister of Finance, Sili Epa Tuioti, is scheduled to deliver his maiden budget today in Parliament. In light of the prevailing conditions in the economy, the word for everyone is obviously Caution with a capital C.

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Letters to the Editor

I would like to congratulate you Samoa for your 54th Jubilee years of Independence. Start from your Highness Head of State Tui Atua Tupua TT, a big faamalo for your patience and love serving Samoa through your political appointment two term reign even though your pertaining village Lufilufi council men had unjustly disgraced your Tui Atua status due to man’s negligence in some 6+ years yet you march on with honour.

Dear Editor, Re: Bail opposed for Avele student I totally support N.P.O. going after this guy. Schools fighting in town is not a small thing to be explained away as if “they’re only kids”.

Dear Editor Independence celebrations are a time for commemoration, triumph, joy, victory and happiness. Each individual has their own expression and perception of independence.




Britain's Prince Charles, second left, walking in front of the guesthouse of Hungarian Count Tibor Kalnoky, fourth left, as he tours in Miclosoara, Transylvania, Romania.

Prince Charles in Romania to travel to Transylvania

Britain's Prince Charles has returned to Romania where he has a charity that promotes skills and training in rural Transylvania.

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Divad Sanders, right, stands inside a container in Newark, N.J., as he converses with Lewis Lee, standing in a container in Milwaukee, as part of an art installation at Military Park in downtown Newark, N.J.

Experimental installations put the social in social science

The truck-size metal container sitting in a downtown park here isn't meant to raise awareness about the global shipping industry, though it may nudge some people's curiosity in that direction.

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