An eight-year-old boy from the village of Samamea, Fagaloa, is likely to be charged with murder following an incident where a 5-year-old was killed on Wednesday night.

The boy, whose name is withheld, has been in Police custody since the incident.

His uncle who owns the gun, Ieti Leausa, has also been taken in for questioning.

Speaking to the Weekend Observer at his Samamea home yesterday, the boy’s father, Pita Leausa said the incident that led to the death was tragic.

The deceased boy, whose name is also withheld, is Mr Leausa’s nephew who was visiting from New Zealand. He came with his mother for White Sunday.

Recalling what happened, Mr Leausa said his brother took his son and his nephew in the woods to shoot some pigeon and collect coconuts for dinner.

On their way home, Ieti left the loaded gun under a tree while he was looking for a stick to carry the coconuts.

“My brother turned away for less than a minute then the next minute he heard a gunshot,” explained Mr. Leausa. “The children were fighting over the gun when it happened.”

The deceased boy was shot on the face.

Mr. Leausa said the distance from where the incident happened to his brother was about five meters. He said he carried the body of his nephew home that night.

The grieving family is saddened about the death of the child.

What’s more, they are horrified about the possibility of Mr Leausa’s son being charged with murder.

Asked how the family is coping, the mother of the 8-year-old, Pafuti Pita burst into tears.

“He didn’t mean to hurt anyone,” she said.

The incident has caused the family heartache, she said.

MrLeausasaid he feels for his wife because every night she cries herself to sleep.

The deceased boy is the eldest of three children.  

When the Samoa Observer visited the family yesterday, his mother was in town making plans for the funeral.

It was not possible to get a comment from the Assistant Police Commissioner, Le’aupepe Fatu Pula yesterday.


+1 #29 2012-12-31 14:12
this is poor supervision and common sense on the part of the Uncle; the kid is a kid and a kid will be a kid! they don't know, im sure he knew the outcome of a fire/shot but wasn't really certain of the ramifications of the reality of the outcome.........the adult is totally at fault and should be held accountable for this tragic event!
+1 #28 2012-12-17 12:56
The blame for this incident is solely on the shoulders of the "Uncle" without doubt. Anytime you are dealing with firearms especially in the presence of young children, the adult is in charge and should be held accountable for anything and everything that involves the discharging of a firearm. When a gun is loaded and remains loaded, it simply states that the weapon is loaded and ready for the kill. The Uncle's negligence cannot be justified either just because he left the "gun" on the ground for just a "minute". Folks, it only takes a second for gun to kill and that's exactly what happened. Children (5-10 yrs. old) still think as guns as toys so to place this 8-yr. old in jail. Are you kidding me!!! Something is definitely / seriously wrong with this system. With all that said, right now it's about the poor 5-yr. old that lost his life and the mourning of his family. Condolences to the family and our heartfelt prayers and support to them as well. No sense pointing fingers for only God and his son Jesus Christ are the ultimate judges of tragic incidents of this nature.
-4 #27 2012-10-30 14:16
Settle down people, please do take your concerns to the police department, no point getting frustrated writing on this beautiful wall. Maimau na manatu ae le fai ai se solo tete'e. Everyone is entitled to their opinions so keep your kool ma le faaaloalo lava.
+3 #26 2012-10-30 12:43
[quote name="Petelo"]Five metres away is quite a long way away. The 8 year old would have to had to have pointed the gun at the 5 year old and fired away. This isn't a struggle for a gun and the gun accidentally going off..... So Senorita you can relax now...A few nights in police custody will teach him a life long lesson he won't forget.
Petelo, read the article again as according to it, it was the uncle that walked 5ms away, not the child. He left the gun, they fought over it, and that is how the accident happened. But I do agree that the uncle should be charged for negclect and irresponsibilit y on his part.
As for the 8 year old to spend a few nights in prison, I don't agree with you or that decision at all. Only buffoons like the police and yourself will think that. No child of any young age should be locked up in a cell overnight and for that length of time whatsoever, for whatever. Children have special needs and do not have the coping mechanisms as adults do, which is why they are to be treated unlike adults and with special care. You can't expect them to have logic & reason like an adult, that is unfair.
Thank God you are not in the position to decide on issues regarding the children of this society. Your mentality would not help them but scar them for life!
It is sad that the 5 yr old died tragically, but that 8 yr old is not responsible nor to be blamed for his death at all. NO. It was an unintentional tragic accident!
+3 #25 2012-10-30 11:46
this is a very sad condolences to the parents of the child. I hope that kid should never spend a day in court system of Samoa. Im sure they should have system for minors for special therapy for the 8yrs old kid. The person should be under arrest is the registered owner of the gun or the adult that posessed gun and the bullets. i hope this gun was bought in samoa and not smuggled in the country. Its sad this Guy lack the knowlede of gun safety. God bless
+3 #24 2012-10-30 11:02
It was honestly a mistake , The Brother said it himself the kids were fighting over the gun they didnt know what had happened . But i hope that the police can see what we see . Ae ia fai lea mea ma aoaiga i makua , dont leave a loaded gun around kids . My heart goes out to the parents of this child .
+2 #23 2012-10-30 09:38
Hi Senorita, I can not agree more with you. Tuilaepa and his governments cooks corruption. From my experience there's hardly any fair trials in Samoa to be total honest. The rule of law and public faith in justice collapse. Indeed a miscarriage as a failure to achieve justice, and this failure can occur at any stage of the criminal justice process, from law-making through street policing practices, investigations, court processes and custodial practices, Results in miscarriages of justice raise 'concerns regarding the fallibility of due process, human rights violations, and the limitation of the adversarial approach. Which is why we question our Samoan justice system so much. They are making progress and on this case proceeding to it but not qite the correct way or attitude or even the right person with the right way to handle this. It would be a different story if Samoa has their upmost priority for our childrens wellbeing. But sadly children in Samoa widely don't have that teatment in most cases. I would love for one day practise in Samoa and wish I was a defendant lawyer for this 8yr old minor.
+3 #22 2012-10-30 08:39
It was clearly a mistake. The little 8yr old knew no better and didn't mean no harm.
If anything the uncle that left that loaded gun by the children should be CHARGED for being careless and ignorant.
God bless the family of the deceased and RIL to the lil boy.
-2 #21 2012-10-29 19:23
They should charge the Uncle for being criminally negligent.

Five metres away is quite a long way away. The 8 year old would have to had to have pointed the gun at the 5 year old and fired away. This isn't a struggle for a gun and the gun accidentally going off. The 8 year old was five metres away. Count out 5m in your house right now. It is quite a long way.

Anyway, as I understand it, a child cannot be charged for murder in Samoa. So Senorita you can relax now.

A few nights in police custody will teach him a life long lesson he won't forget. What about the rights of the 5 year old who died? His life has ended. The 5 year old won't grow up to take his son out pigeon shooting now.

The spotlight should focus on the role of the Uncle in this whole charade. Leaving a loaded weapon within reach of two kids is seriously stupid.
+3 #20 2012-10-29 17:12
Why are they holding the young boy and who is to say that the Uncle didnt do it. He must have done it and blamed on the young boy.. Su'e mai le salu lima ma koso mai ii le uncle lega se'i sasa ma tell the mea sa'o.

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