The Samoan flag flew high and proud during a full-day blockade of the Newcastle Coal Port in Australia on Friday.

PALOLO APLENTY: The containers of palolo that were being sold starting from $600. Photo / Lorraine Bowan.

We know the palolo is a delicacy but is it really worth $600, $800 or $1,000 per container? That was perhaps the most frequently asked question among hunters and lovers of the rare sea worm at the sight of containers of palolo being sold for such amounts all over the country during the weekend.

Proud of their heritage: Some of the descendants of the original Samoan settlers at Wailekutu. Picture / JOVESA NAISUA

Only four of the twelve ships, including two coal ships, scheduled to pass through the port were able to break the blockade lead by a group of Pacific Climate Warriors representing 12 Pacific Island nations

90 REASONS TO CELEBRATE: Asomaliu Tupuola, Misi Tupuola, Gogosina Fa'aiuga Aiono Tu'u'au Sao and Tinei Nofoaiga.

A set of seven wooden combs have been presented to the Museum of Samoa. Galumalemana Steven Percival presented the combs to the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture, Falana’ipupu Matafeo Tanielu and Sala Delphina Lee of the Culture Division.

USP DIPLOMA: The Family Law and Human Rights module includes skills and practice for the application of  human rights  and family law relevant to the practice of family law in Pacific jurisdictions.

“My goal was to complete my studies and support my children, husband and extended family. And I worked hard for it. I did not want to be dependent on my husband, although he is financially secure. My degree is my security and, with that, I will be able to give back to my mum, husband and extended family what they have sacrificed for me over the years.”

Ombudsman, Maiava Iulai Toma, has blamed both the Police and the father for contravening the rights of a three-year-old boy, recommending the demotion of the officers involved.

HIGHLIGHT: One of the many highlights from the 90th birthday celebration of Avele College. (inset) Tuia Paepae Letoa.

The Chairman of Avele College’s 90th Celebration Committee, Tuia Paepae Letoa, has rubbished questions surrounding the audited report from the celebration.

PR – Feeling a bit burnt out spiritually?

Perhaps needing to be filled afresh by the Word of God with the help of some of HIS servants?

Farmers showcasing their products at Savai’i last Thursday.Agriculture and Fisheries is the source of food and therefore, it is the source of life.

The point was highlighted by the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, Le Mamea Ropati Mualia, during the commemoration of World Food Day in Savai’i on Thursday.

The Samoa Meteorology Office yesterday confirmed what thousands of Samoans felt on Thursday night.

IT’S FAKE CASH: The fake A$5 note Paulo Mika was given in exchange for ST$10.A man from Luatuanu’u, Pauli Mika, has warned members of the public to be on the look out for people using fake international currency to con them of their Samoan tala.