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A partnership with New Zealand Police, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and New Zealand Rugby has received the New Zealand Rugby Players’ Association, Off Field Achievement Award for 2013.

The captain of Toa Samoa Residents Team, Teofilo Lepou known to many as Tucson, faced a far more challenging prospect than what he is used to on the league field on Friday, 7 February this year.

Twelve new titleholders have been bestowed the chiefly title of Lauano yesterday at Leauva’a.

One of the high chiefs of the family, Va’ailalo Tauā reminded the new chiefs of their roles and their responsibilities within the family.

Questions were sent to Attorney General Aumua Ming Leung Wai regarding concerns raised by critics of changes to land laws, including the new Custom Land Advisory Commission Act. His responses are in full below.

MEMORY: This 2012 photo by an American newspaper shows a priest convicted of child abuse in Australia in 1994 giving lollies to children in Samoa in 2004. The church order has not responded to questions about what steps it has taken against child sex abuse. Photo / Dallas Morning NewsA Catholic order, the Salesian Order of Don Bosco, has failed to respond to questions from the Samoa Observer on fears about child abuse in Samoa.