Tuia Paepae Letoa

‘They’re cowards’

They are cowards. That’s how a former student of Avele College and former Member of Parliament, Tuia Paepae Letoa, described the students who claimed to be from Avele College, who issued a death threat to Maluafou students on Facebook.  The threat led to the school being shut yesterday. 

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M.P. Alataua I Sisifo,  Ali'imalemanu Alofa Tuuau.

Petition officially withdrawn

The Supreme Court has officially accepted a motion to withdraw an election petition alleging bribery and treating against Alataua i Sisifo’s Member of Parliament, Ali’imalemanu Alofa Tuuau.

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FRIENDS AGAIN: Avele College and Maluafou College yesterday reconciled.

Fighting schools reconcile

Avele College and Maluafou College yesterday reconciled, after Friday’s brawl which left members of the public nearby shaken and led to the closure of the school yesterday.

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Good Samaritan killed trying to help wounded Texas woman

A young soldier shot and wounded his wife outside a Dallas-area store and then gunned down a father of three who grabbed his own gun and tried to make a citizen's arrest, authorities say.

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A Kenyan Red Cross personnel and a volunteer console a relative of a victim, at the site of a building collapse in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenya: Baby saved from collapsed building after 80 hours

A baby almost six months old was on Tuesday rescued from the rubble of a building that collapsed Friday night, raising hopes that more survivors could still be found even though the death toll rose to 23 and 93 people have been reported missing.

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RACE ON: The club battling against strong winds

Steps towards Paddling Goals

The hot sun and strong winds was no match for the dedicated paddlers from the Samoa Va’a Tasi Kalapu where they had the third race of the year last Saturday.

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Matt Parish

Toa coach has faith in squad

Many have been skeptical about the finalized Toa Samoa squad but for the head coach Matt Parish, he has his reasons.

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Street Talk

Is electricity expensive in Samoa?

The cost of electricity in Samoa remains far too high. So says the Electric Power Corporation’s (E.P.C) new Minister, Papali’i Niko Lee Hang. He has called on the Corporation to make electricity cheaper for all households in Samoa in the next five years.

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Siatuvasa Faletoi

Satitoa Aleipata

Think a Minute

Think a minute…Some young children were asked this question: “What is a conscience?” A 6-year-old boy said he thought it was “the bad feeling you get when you kick girls and puppies.”


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We need a real solution

This is the undeniable truth. Samoa’s economy by any estimation is weak compared to that of our bigger neighbours. Without aid, remittances and tourism, it would have floundered long ago.

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, In response to the call for the community to be engaged in terms of the dog problem, I’m really against killing the poor animals. It’s not their fault that they were born in Samoa rather than Canada, Britain, NZ, parts of the US and etc...

Dear Editor, Re: Election petitions withdrawn A true Samoan in reference to cultural practices and traditions does not merit what politicians are doing in today’s world.

Dear Editor, Re: A lot of nonsense from Mr. Seti Afoa In reference to M. Kennedy’s letter about Afoa, it seems like you have a major chip on your shoulder.




U.S. Actor Vin Diesel gestures during the presentation of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld's

Fashionistas, celebrities jam Chanel fashion show in Havana

Wealthy fashionistas and celebrities from around the world flocked beneath klieg lights Wednesday night on a grand Havana colonial avenue transformed into a private runway for French fashion house Chanel.

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New 2011 Ford F-150 trucks are shown at a dealership in Glbert, Ariz.

US ends Ford pickup probe without seeking recall

U.S. safety regulators have closed an investigation into power brake assist failures in Ford F-150 pickup trucks without seeking a recall.

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