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Delegates get down to business, Maldives in Samoa on mission

The countdown started with years, months, weeks and now there are only hours left before the beginning of the Third United Nations Small Island Developing States (S.I.D.S) ...

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Health on the agenda for youths

The future leaders of the world were yesterday reminded about the reality of health and non-communicable diseases which continue to impact negatively on their ...

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S.I.D.S tackle ‘new phenomenon’

The Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Fa’amoetauloa Dr. Faale Tumaali’i, has called on participants of S.I.D.S to “reach a consensus and agree to an overarching network to monitor” what he described as a “new ph...

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Youth participants all fired up for S.I.D.S

“To improve economic development, small islands need to encourage young people in taking up science because to tackle all these issues in over fishing and climate change, they all have science in...

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Issues on Chamber’s S.I.D.S. agenda

Youth unemployment is high on the Chamber of Commerce’s agenda for today’s Private Sector Partnerships Forum, ahead of the Small Island Developing States (S.I.D.S) Conference .

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P.M. Tuilaepa issues plea to world leaders

Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, has issued an impassioned plea on behalf all Pacific nations to the world for more help to cope with climate change.

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Samoa leads the way

An $3.6million wind farm project launched at Vailoa Aleipata yesterday promises to provide electricity for 1,500 families and save the government over $1million tala a year.

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Our country stops to remember

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As the sun set above the Magiagi Cemetery yesterday, close to 50 people gathered there to mark a very special event in the histories of Samoa and New Zealand.

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Historical moment remembered

A commemoration to mark the centenary of the landing of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in Samoa is taking place this morning at the Magiagi Cemetery.

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New Zealand honours request from Tuilaepa

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New Zealand has honoured a request for vehicles from Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, to help Samoa to host the S.I.D.S conference.

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Chief Auditor Fuimaono questions viability of Quarry

Controller and Chief Auditor, Fuimaono Camillo Afele, questioned the viability of the Samoa Quarry and Sealing Products (S.Q.S.P.) as a business in his 2011 report to Parliament.

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Westpac Pacific celebrates

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“We’re humbled by the amount of interest our community is showing in the products, services and sustainability initiatives that Westpac has to offer”

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Joseph Parker a 'better fighter' for Sherman Williams

Auckland (Stuff) 26 August 2014 - New Zealand heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker is adamant he's a far better boxer now than when he was originally scheduled to fight Sherman Williams.

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National 7's women’s tournament on the roll

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PR - The 2014 Samoa Women’s Rugby 7's Tournament gets underway with Vaiala Women’s taking round 2 of week 2 at Samoa Rugby Union field Tuanaimato.

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Apia Union wins 2014 NPC Cup

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PR - The Samoa Rugby Union National Provincial Championship 2014 wrapped up yesterday with Apia Union re-claiming the championship title in a ruthless final against Aana.

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A race for warriors

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On Saturday just gone, Samoa hosted our second International Half Ironman event. There were road closures around Apia in abundance. Traffic was at slow-motion throughout the day as triathletes and vehicles vied for limited space on Beach Road space.

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Stellar line up for 24th Teuila Festival 2014 in the heart of Apia

Apia is in a festive mood and crowds have been growing all week at the Government Plaza enjoying the entertainment during the preliminary week of the Teuila Festival, buying food from the many stalls selling local and international dishes and wandering around the arts and crafts stalls.

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  • International Conference on Small Island Developing States
  • International Conference on Small Island Developing States
  • International Conference on Small Island Developing States
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A show for Samoa and the world

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There is no doubt about it. One day away from the official start of the Third Small Island Developing States (S.I.D.S) Conference, the excitement and anticipation among the local and international community is slowly but surely building to fever pitch proportion.

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The whisper of roses

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When a gentle touch is absent, many things collapse, even the mind of a good intention.

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Is it the end of the W.T.O?

By refusing to ratify the Protocol of Amendment to Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) by July 31 the...

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The arduous journey To a promising desti

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As a student in year thirteen, in the midst of the concluding year for education and the precipice...

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As you probably know, my last article was about bringing family here, to Samoa. But this one is ab...

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Observer Events

Talofa lava!

After watching several episodes of the “Worlds’ co...

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Savaia Marine Reserve “Building a better

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Nestled in the peaceful and serene Lefaga Bay is...

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Containing an epidemic of fear

Dear Editor, The idea of a deadly and contagious virus with no cure is terrifying.


Change approach towards youth unemployment

Dear Editor, The issue about youth unemployment at 16.1 percent in Samoa as discussed on the front page article of the Sunday Samoan 24 August 2014 and your editorial of Monday 25 August 2014 is not only upsetting but terrifying.


Make youth the priority

Dear Editor, Re: Govt. says lack of jobs for youth getting worse


Lady justice must be fair

Dear Editor, Good on the Attorney General and his team for looking to review the Supreme Court assessors’ decision on the Leslie Kohlhase case.


They don’t keep their laws

Dear Editor, That MOR 15 vehicle in your BTL on the weekend has been touring around after hours for some time.