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Fuel prices drop further

The month of March has gotten off to a great start for motorists and the people of ...

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Bill attracts new kind of investor – exporter says

An exporter says Samoa needs the kind of investment that the government’s proposed Citizenship Investment Bill would usher ...

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Defense tells witness her evidence is untrue

A witness giving evidence in an indecent assault assessor’s trial against a step-grandfather has denied defense counsel’s suggestions she did ...

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Judge thanks defendant for change of plea

A young man who pleaded not guilty to assaulting a young woman with the intention to sexually violate her, changed ...

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Speeding bus drivers hit with $600 fines

Two bus drivers have been charged and fined $600 each for speeding. Meatuai Lafoga, 22, of Apolima-uta and Koale Malo, 32, ...

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Think a Minute!

Play your part

Think a minute… A famous painting shows a king making a chain from his crown, and a slave making a ...

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Cabinet News

$45,000.00 for weightlifting

Cabinet has approved financial assistance of $45,000 for the Samoa Weightlifting Federation to help with their preparations for two upcoming ...

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Practical attachment on mammography

Cabinet has approved the participation by a Samoa representative at a Practical Attachment on Mammography at Manukau Super Clinic’s Breast ...

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Method ‘fraudulent,’ ex-M.P. hit with fine

A former Member of Parliament and the Associate Minister of Trade, Muagututagata Peter Ah Him, has been fined $30,000 by the Supreme Court for presenting a false document and fraud.

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Head of State welcomes stars

The Head of State, His Highness Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, welcomed the National Football League stars yesterday.

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Leslie Kohlhase wanted, lawyer informs Court

The lawyer representing the mother of the late Thesaurus Heather has sought the Supreme Court’s approval for him to serve a statement of claim to Leslie Kohlhase.

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“Missionary” pleads not guilty in alleged sale of rental cars

A “missionary” accused over the alleged sale of rental cars belonging to National Car Rental and Samoana Car Rental has pleaded not guilty.

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SENESE elects a new board

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Following its Annual General Meeting last Saturday, SENESE Inclusive Support Services has elected an experienced and strong board, to steer the SENESE ship to the next Annual General meeting.

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Samoa welcomes Queen Victoria

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Samoa welcomed Queen Victoria yesterday. The Cruise Ship docked at Apia Harbour in the morning before tourists disembarked, making a beeline to check out the monuments and historic sights in Samoa.

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Energy talks begin

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High-level officials from all over the world are gathering in Apia for a very important meeting starting at Hotel Tanoa Tusitala today.

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Little trust in Samoa Rugby Union

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Conflict has arisen on the home front which has the potential to leave the game in Samoa in worse shape than it has ever been.

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Happiness at the Children’s Ward

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Thursday was a day to remember at the Children’s Ward of the Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital at Moto’otua.

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Top referee official visits

A key World Rugby official was among the crowd at the 27th Vailima Marist Sevens last weekend.  

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M.V.P leaves it up to God

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Anthony Tailua is a proud young man. Having been crowned the Most Valuable Player (M.V.P) during the 27th Vailima Marist Sevens last weekend, he should be.

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Visit about opening doors

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The second visit by a group of National Football League (N.F.L) stars to Samoa is part of a long-term plan to create opportunities for young Samoans interested in N.F.L.

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Marist St. Joseph’s victorious

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Marist St. Joseph’s have done it. The home team overcame a determined Moata’a side, 36-14, to secure the 27th Vailima Marist Sevens title at Lotopa last evening, after three days of entertaining Sevens rugby, featuring the best players in Samoa.  

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Getting the priorities right

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The realities of living in a small island country are not hard to understand – for most people that is.

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Japan will not give in to terrorism

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A video purporting to show that Mr. Kenji Goto was murdered was uploaded on line, following Mr. Ha...

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The burden of ideals and the search for h

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The beauty of this life is so forlorn. Faith dangles her feet in the dreamy skies we paint, wher...

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Letters to Editor

Change your tone

Re: Cut out the excuses, P.M tells Sevens Re: Samoa Observer article in Wednesday 18th February 2015 edition titled Leone Bridge still not ...


It’s all about the land

Dear Editor, Why would someone with a pocketful of cash want to invest in Samoa just to get ...


Bonnie and Clyde, alright!

Dear Editor, Re: Bonnie and Clyde The dual are Bonnie and Clyde alright; without the gun ...


Think a Minute!

Disappointed with Myself

Think a minute… Ever since I can remember, I have been disappointed with myself. Among other things I wish I was taller, and that I had more mechanical ability to fix ...