At least two people are dead – with the possibility of more casualties – as Samoa prepares for the second night of Tropical Cyclone Evan.

On Thursday, Cyclone Evan arrived with little warning and devastated the country throughout the day and night.

Yesterday morning, Samoa awoke to the shocking sight of destruction and devastation. Countless houses on Upolu were flattened by winds of up to 70miles per hour.

Worst hit was the south of Upolu at Lefaga, Safata, Siumu, Falealili and Aleipata.

In Apia, thousands were evacuated as flash flooding took its toll. Cars were washed away at Matautu as the water made its way from the Vaisigano river through Matautu, Apia Park and all the way to Moata’a.

Nearby Lelata was severely hit by flooding where many homes were destroyed, leaving cars strung up on trees. The Bahai Church in the area was badly damaged.

Up the road at Magiagi, homes were flooded.Many people were left homeless.

Alopule Fuiono, 66, said he has never seen anything like Thursday flooding.

“It’s never been this bad in previous years and so I believe this is the worst disaster to hit our country especially our village,” he said.

“The untitled men were seen pulling people out from roof tops, trying to get the elderly people to higher ground.As the wind was hurtling coconuts, roofing iron were tossed around like pieces for paper.”

Alopule confirmed that a Lauli’i man who was married to a girl from their village died on Wednesday evening while trying to save an elderly woman from the floods.

“He got her to safety but he was swept away and then he perished into the water,” said Alopule.

As of this afternoon,two young people were missing. Alopule said those left homeless were from the lower areas of Magiagi called Uelinitone.

“Many homes were washed away while others were drowned by mud when the water came through,” he said. “There is mud over two feet high in my house where there were once stones and rocks; it is the same with other houses down there.”

Alopule said when people started to evacuate “no one bothered about their belongings, the main concern was saving lives.”

Yesterday, people were seen trying to clear tree trunks and clean out the mud and water that had rushed into homes.

Elsewhere around Upolu, the images are not pretty. Agriculture has taken yet another severe hit with banana patches being flattened and fruits from breadfruits scattered everywhere. Mango fruits which are often a source of joy for returning Samoans are no more.

Evan made sure not one single mango is left on the tree.

Electricity is out for the rest of Upolu. Power poles have been tossed everywhere with power lines strewn all over the road and elsewhere.

The government’s National Disaster Council has been busy helping wherever they are needed.

This afternoon, the Samoa Meteorology Office said that Cyclone Evan is likely to be felt again by 10pm tonight. So Samoa is going into a second night of not knowing what they will wake up to tomorrow morning.


+1 #11 2012-12-20 10:40
God bless my people of Samoa!
Miss and Love Samoa!

Ia faafoi le viiga ile Atua le Tama, ua ia valaauina se to'aiti, ae tuua i tatou lana fanau e toatele,.... ia faamafanafana le Tama, i nai o tatou aiga faanoanoa, ae ia vave mai Aso e toe faaleleia ai Samoa atoa, amata mai i mauga tetele.... seia pa'ia mauga iti!
+1 #10 2012-12-17 12:07
viia le tama mo lana aga lelei mo tatou. Alofa tele atu ia le nu'u o Samoa ma o tou aiga. Aua le fa'anoanoa, fa'amaua lalo le tou loto ma fa'afetai le Atua mo laga alofa tunoa. God bless our loved ones in Samoa!
+3 #9 2012-12-15 22:55
i'm 11 yrs old and i have over 30 relatives at samoa , i cry every night , every hour,every sec and also every minute i can not sleep without praying and crying at the same time and the last time i was at samoa was at 2009 and 2010 and i wish the best for my friend GABRIELLE he's going to fiji on monday and my other friend JENARL is going to fiji also and i'm still crying while i'm typing so people plz stop all this religious gossip and be real and PRAY FOR SAMOA cause i can't live one sec without knowing SAMOA is ok?
+4 #8 2012-12-15 17:48
Having lived in Samoa in 2006-2007 running Christadephian Bible Study, we are thinking of you and praying for you. We look forward to Jesus Christ's return to the earth to solve these problems and set up God's kingdom of peace.
+3 #7 2012-12-15 05:38
My heart is breaking as I see the photos streaming thru Facebook. I want to let you know that their are thousands praying for all of you... May God bless the beautiful country of Samoa..
+5 #6 2012-12-15 04:12
God bless Samoa
+9 #5 2012-12-15 02:28
I am a Native woman from North Dakota in the US. I'm so sorry for the tragedy that has struck your beautiful homelands. I will keep the people of Samoa, your elders, your families, your children, in my prayers as you deal with the effects of the cyclone. Be strong!
+4 #4 2012-12-15 01:05
Thank you for getting this out on the web! I've been trying to contact our families in Samoa with no luck! This is just heart breaking. Our prayers & thoughts are with you all! I wish I could be there right now. It's stressful trying to find out what's happening. Thank you again for keeping us informed!
+7 #3 2012-12-14 22:43
All our love and thoughts with the beautiful people of will pull through are wonderfully, strong and resilient people. Wish I could be there to help you clean the mess. Forever in our hearts. XX
+7 #2 2012-12-14 21:32
Praise and Glory to the Father, for Samoa has weathered the cyclone and our people are safe. My condolences to the families who lost their loved ones. Also to the family of the man who died rescuing the elderly, you died a hero. May our Heavenly Father surround you all with His love, healing light and comfort you as you grieve the loss of your precious ones. May our Father bless our people with strength and courage as each begins to rebuild and restore homes and Samoa from the ruins of Cyclone Evan.

One thing I do know that Samoa is well known for around the world, is that they never wait around for help nor sit around feeling sorry for themselves, but always do what they must for themselves despite how they are feeling :) That Samoan Spirit I admire in our people and am very proud of. That Samoan Spirit that no cyclone, hurricane or tsunami could ever dampen or break as their trust is in God, whom their lives are founded on. God bless Samoa and her people always :)

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