THE HUNT IS ON: S.R.U. C.E.O.: Faleomavaega Vincent Fepuleai.

Union refutes Tietjens report

Former All Blacks Sevens coach, Sir Gordon Tietjens is welcomed to apply for the vacant Manu Samoa Sevens coaching job – if he hasn’t done so already.

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MY FAMILY IS WORTH THE EFFORT: Hana Fa’afeuu, 27, from the village of Faleasiu

My family is so worth it

Hana Fa’afeuu, 27, from the village of Faleasiu is a hard working mother whose only motivation is to do her part in the family.

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COME AND GET IT: Damian Peterson, 40, from the village of Faleasiu, hard at work in his chicken and chips shack

Samoans have always been hard working

Yes it’s true that Samoa is a hard working nation but the question is; are we hard working because we have to in order to survive or because it’s in our nature?

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Blaine Gibson holding a piece of aircraft debris on a beach in Madagascar. Gibson is the first person searching for the plane who's actually found any trace of it and says he won't quit gathering clues until the mystery is solved.

MH370 wreckage hunter won't give up until mystery solved

The fedora, the bomber jacket and the consuming quest invite comparisons to Indiana Jones. Blaine Gibson, though, hasn't matched the film hero's triumph in finding the legendary chest containing the stone tablets inscribed with the Ten Commandments.

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Crime scene investigators work the scene of a pressure cooker bomb explosion in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, in New York.

Imam in bombing suspect's hometown speaks against violence

An imam spoke against violence and in support of law enforcement during the first Friday prayer service since a local man was charged in last weekend's New Jersey and New York City bombings.

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TRAINING: National coach, Alama Ieremia at one of the Samoa A trialists training ahead of today’s final match.

Players fight for spots in Samoa A

Two teams will face off at Apia Park today as players fight to earn a spot on the Samoa A team. 

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Oliva Kirisome.

Strong sport, strong future

The biggest Powerlifting National Championship is at JP’s Gym II, today, where Samoa’s own stars and past world champions are on show.

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Think a Minute

Think a minute…You may have heard the expression, “Good Grief.” It actually seems a bit strange, doesn’t it? Grief usually comes with death and terrible sadness, especially when death takes away the people we love the most.


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Life indeed is what we make of it

Times definitely fly. Before we know it, Christmas is nearly upon us. One really wonders how the rest of the year just flew by so quickly. Today, we are saying goodbye to one more week. It has been an eventful one for some of us, painful for others.

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Letters to the Editor

Re: Govt. priorities slammed I saw the same thing 30 yearss ago blah blah blah.... we have replaced just about everything on the waterfront .... the lovely new Justice Department buildings and courts administration buildings and fire department and Police department ... new Government administration buildings Etc ... but up on Motootua... obviously not much has changed at all from this woman’s experience.

Dear Editor, Re: Doing our bit for the environment If both islands have the best waste collection in the Pacific, then the government has done its duty. It’s now up to the individual to want a CLEAN and CONTAMINATION FREE place to live.

Dear Editor, Re: Give Tuilaepa a break, he is helping Samoa PS Jeffrey, you sounded like one of those who were involved in doing a survey that the Samoan government would called a consultation, so that it would sign into law without debate and knowledge of the people.




Lady Gaga appears at the Maxwell Spring/Summer 2017 collection at The Russian Tea Room in New York.

Lady Gaga posts track list online for 'Joanne'

Lady Gaga is introducing "Joanne" to the world. The pop star posted the track list Friday for her forthcoming album online.

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Aviation safety officials took the extraordinary step of warning airline passengers not to turn on or charge a new model Samsung smartphone during flights following numerous reports of the devices catching fire.

Indian airline says Samsung Note 2 emitted smoke in plane

A Samsung Note 2 phone emitted smoke and sparks on a flight from Singapore to southern India, the airline said.

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