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Jadyn Ualesi

Sometimes a heart is hard to break

But you’ll get through it and smile again.

Sometimes it’s hard to kneel down and pray

But in the morning you will gain strength.

Sometimes your mind’s all over the place

But you knew that you got this by baby steps.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go and stay

But always remember, you are yourself.


Sometimes in life, we play the unfair games

Cause we always accept fake people.

Sometimes the environment around us isn’t safe

Cause the crowd in there is hard to control.

Sometimes we’ve got to accept the lost in our race

Cause life isn’t fair, so we go by the rules.

And sometimes you just gotta stop searching

Cause not everything comes in without a way out.


I don’t know if I lose control when I’m lost

Or maybe I’m just not focusing enough on my work.

I didn’t know that what I did was wrong

Maybe I did something right and you don’t approve it.

I never come this far just to see you drowning

Because I don’t leave anybody who’s always sad.

I may never say how much I love you in the first place

Because deep inside my heart, you inspire me a lot.


If I wish to change back time, I wouldn’t do that

Because the past is the past it can’t be changed.

If I wish to have you as my first kiss back then

I don’t think the chemistry between us will be the same.

From the very beginning, the first time we met

I learnt my ice-skating, I was so ashamed.

Because I never have anyone to teach me lessons

Besides from the people I am more comfortable with.


My life is never easy, never was

I know that you think it is, but it’s not.

My parents worked day and night

To make sure the next day isn’t too bright.

We come from dirt and lived on hard rocks

They made our future brighter than yesterday.

My life is perfect now up until today

Because without God’s help, I would be nothing.

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