Oh stop it please

Dear Editor Interesting reading the editorial yesterday. But I must say the P.M. and this government have been failing when it comes to business ventures for the last 20 years.

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The call to legalise marijuana

Dear Editor Just a few weeks ago, Iuni Sapolu was one of the leading personnel of a peaceful protest that aimed at conserving the Faasinomaga of all Samoan people, our lands. It was a bold stance, I emphasised the value of their efforts.

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All they need to do

Dear Editor Re: Govt. criticised for ‘lack of consultation’ on Criminal Libel If the P.M. really wants to stop O.L.P. he doesn’t need to re instate the old libel law all he needs to do is become accountable and transparent.

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It’s already in the works

Dear Editor, Re: Woman as Head of State The move to change the Head of State from a male to a female is already in the works to coincide with the shift in political wrangling concocted by the NWO. Since Samoa is the poster child of the UN for change. Isis, Osarius, and Horus.

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Just accept the truth

Re: Brainwashed You didn’t answer my question, nor did you specifically reply to anything else I said. Your replies are becoming more random. Now you want to talk about Jesus.

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The way forward for Samoa

Dear Editor, Re: Samoa eyes China flight China is not the answer to all of Samoa’s challenges. New Chinese supermarkets have flooded Samoa with cheap, low quality and inferior goods that really do not reduce the cost of living, particularly if you take into account the negative impact on Samoan small businesses.

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An evasive answer

Dear Editor Re: Ministry of P.M.’s Chief clarifies Head of State law “Contacted for a comment, Agafili said he was disappointed with the context of the newsletter. The newsletter issued makes it seem like women are not qualified, but that is not the case here, the Act is crystal clear,” he said.”

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Political disasters and facts about the Constitution of Samoa. Part I

Dear Editor, The beginning of publications for media sessions on social media for this New Year (2018) was kicked off with a political disaster. It was so disgraceful. It started off with an old disrespectful behavior of Prime Minister Tuilaepa towards members of the public like Unasa Iuni Sapolu and other members of the public that have been involved in the recent protest march for customary land.

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What happened to the process?

Dear Editor Re: “Criminal Libel” and Prime Minister Tuilaepa’s gift from American Samoa I’m shocked that Parliament passed this Criminal Libel Law within in an hour!! THE CONSTITUTION OF THE INDEPENDENT STATE OF SAMOA Part 11 General and Miscellaneous under Article 109.

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When a village leads by example

Dear Editor Re: The Village of Asau “The females are the most precious beings on this earth,” WHY? Because they are everyone’s door to Earth from Heaven. Death is your door back to Heaven.

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Stay far, far away from Unasa and her silly marijuana claims

Dear Editor, Unasa Iuni Sapolu views expressed in your story where she calls for the legalization of marijuana are absurd. I refer to the bit where she said: “ Stop listening to white agendas, colonized minds, it’s just a plant, legalise it and reduce government indebtedness.”

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Well done, Asau!

Dear Editor, Re: Everyone should follow Asau This is wonderful for the Village of Asau. I would suggest the same to all the villages of Samoa; do not wait for the Courts to decide what to do when a mother, wife or a child is beaten or abused.

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Pot is not heroine

Dear Editor, Re: Marijuana claims hearsay This is a doctor comparing pot to heroin and morphine! Name one person who died or have cancer from smoking cannabis?

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Get it right people

Dear Editor, Re: Marijuana street talk Where do these people get their information on marijuana from? You don’t lose control over your body on marijuana, it doesn’t make you crazy, it is nothing like alcohol.

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Proof is there

Re: Marijuana use It’s very pretentious to pretend there is no solid proof and racist to assert that what is happening in other states would have no correlation to ones own country. There is a mountainous volume of information on the internet; one only has to use google to find it.

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Solving one problem with another

Dear Editor, Re: P.M. rejects call to legalise marijuana "Speaking during his weekly media session yesterday, Tuilaepa said the government would never entertain the idea because they cared about the welfare of Samoans, especially innocent young children."

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What on earth are you talking about?

Dear Editor, Re: Brainwashed If they really do own the banking system, when did that become illegal and immoral? If that's the case, then you should close your bank accounts or you are just a hypocrite.

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Open your eyes and see the real issues

Dear Editor, Thank you for your editorial titled “Criminal Libel, Ole Palemia and corruption in high places.” I personally believe it's time for the Matai Village councils to act justly for the freedom of Samoa and its people, concerning the many issues.

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It’s time to cut spending

Dear Editor, Re: Family struggles to budget $200 a fortnight I certainly understand the struggles our people are facing based on the cost of living and the huge inflation caused by stagnant wages and the govt. run away debt that compounded this phenomenon.

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Come on, get off the grass!

Dear Editor, Interesting this debate about marijuana in Samoa. Give me a break, pakalolo in Samoa? Are you kidding me.

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Beautiful from afar, sickening at the core

Some great things have been said about this country over recent weeks. If you’ve been following the Dear Tourist pages of your newspaper, you would have been proud. Indeed visitors from all over the world - including many Samoans coming back for the holidays - have been impressed so much by the changes they have seen that they have been doing nothing but singing praises of how wonderful this place is.

Street Talk

Edmund Ioka 35 years old

Women as Head of State: Good or Bad

What do you think about having a woman as the Head of State? Nefertiti Matatia asked in today’s street talk. This is what they said:

Think a Minute

Wishing Life Away

Think a minute…Do you wish you were somewhere else right now? At the beach? Away on a nice holiday? At Disneyland? Many of us spend a lot of our time wishing we were somewhere else. When we’re at work we wish we were home relaxing. We wish we had a different job and career or a different boss. We wish we were rich.


Catch the right waves

Stop. Unplug your earphones, headphones, you know what, turn the phone off.

Between the Lines


LEARNING THE AIRLINES LINGO Heard the term “close in bookings”? Chances are, you are one of the many Samoans who fall into that category used by airlines to describe your booking when you travel.

Sunday Reading

PRESIDENT OF THE S.A.M.E.:Tagaloa Eddie Wilson with Happy Ava Farmers Tupai & Asoono- from Savaii.

Samoa’s Ava Exports expected to rise to prominence again

Samoa’s Ava Exports is looking promising, with exports expected to increase in the next couple of years. Ava exports was Samoa’s second largest export commidity from 1998 to 2001 until some European countries led by Germany imposed restrictions on the Pacific Kava Trade. Samoa’s exports of Ava in 1998 was just under $20m.

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