The problem in Samoa

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Dear Editor,

I write in response to the letter titled “Developments for the people” in your Sunday Samoan. 

It’s not job creation and development that are the problem in Samoa. 

In fact the development for clean energy in Samoa is enviable to me living in a developed country. 

The problem is unaddressed poverty resulting in children being exposed to danger because they are forced to sell goods to feed their families. 

The problem is the P.M. who demeans women by calling them snots and accuses women of exploiting their children. The problem is the P.M. thinks its ok to call Samoan children pigs. 

The problem is a government who uses money that belongs to all the people of Samoa, which creates such a gap in opportunity between those who hold government positions and those who struggle to survive because there is no accountability and therefore no real democracy. 

A democracy is a society in which the power lies in the people. 

The problem in Samoa is the power lies in the government.

 The fact that the P.M. calls his people these terrible names suggests to me that he has no fear of losing his position. 

I find it very suspicious that he is so sure there will be no consequences for his mean spirited governance in Samoa.

If he could develop Samoa without being insulting to women and children and create policies, such as accessible education for all, and to help those who need assistance then I would probably like him too.


W. Wonder

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