A load of rubbish

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Dear Editor,


Re: Doors at the new Airport 

What a bunch of rubbish. What liability? 

Samoa and the government own this airport and should be named on this so call insurance as well as its own assurance coverage hence forward. 

If a war breaks out between now and May of 2019, this China contractor decides who gets into the Faleolo Airport facility? 

O a ea gei mea fa’apegei? 

O le a le mea ua pule ai le contractor le kaulia a Saiga i keys ole malaevaalele, a vital infrastructure ale atunuu? 

The safety and well being of a country is in its Port Security. Ae o lea ua kuu lafoai ile pule ale Chinese Contractor? 

Do you even know what stuff are under that airport facility? 


Asipau McMoore 

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