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Dear Editor

Re: Tui Atua’s piece in Fiji 

Tui Atua Tupua is the best of the best when it comes to the Samoan language and understanding Samoan mythology. 

He is the authority of the Samoan language and myths intellectually. He can dissect a short Samoan word like ‘Tua’oi’ and vividly ‘pega’ it (tulou) and disclose the depth of the meaning of the word to it’s fullest. 

I have read almost all his papers and can proudly say that I have learned a great deal from them. 

He is a masterful technician when it comes to the Samoan language. 

A profound paragraph from one of his papers became the pinnacle and as a reference point that I often draw from and use it quite often when I do research and that is. 

“ E le mafai ona e iloa le atoatoaga ose mea, se’i vagana ua e asiasi ile “afu’afu” ose mea.” I might paraphrase it a little bit but the essence of it is the word “afu’afu.” 

You can never understand the whole truth or the totality of something unless you go back and revisit it or trace it from its origin. An Intellectual that is gifted both sides of the equation; Samoan and English.


Leituala Roger B.

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