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Dear Editor Re: It ís stupid, insulting Mr. Commissioner you are doing a great job over there in Samoa, just keep your head up, you will get criticized a lot of times while you’re there because you are doing something great over there, bringing good changes into the Samoa Police Force.

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Look at other models

Dear Editor Re: No water, electricity for family living in shack Look world look at me and my problems-- My problems are bigger than your problems

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Dear Editor Re: P.M. A Memoir coming soon Tell you the truth I dont put much store in big names and titles

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Corruption starts below

Dear Editor Re: How Samoa can move forward It ís an old cliche but changes comes when you can empower individual thinking. Especially during elections.

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Do what we are doing

Dear Editor Re: Of God, Grace and Christianity The L.D.S. Church has an open canon (Bible, BoM, Doctrine and Covenants (D&C) and Pearl of Great Price) unlike Christian churches that believe only in - and inerrancy of - the Bible which is also closed.

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Build things that count

Dear Editor Re: How Samoa can move forward Totally insane to think $2.30hr is a fair wage with the cost of living over the top. Samoa’s economy is sooo out of whack.

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Ah, I don’t get it

Dear Editor Re: P.M.’s memoirs coming soon If there was and is no poverty in Samoa how is poverty reduction one of Stui’s legacies?

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Exciting news

Re: Driving lucrative cocoa market Demand always outpaces supply done correctly. It is price issue. Like national and other world commodities, farmers desire a fair price. What is occurring in the market place is the opposite of value.

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No tools, no knowledge

Dear Editor Report slams education system This is every hard-working parent’s nightmare. They sacrifice everyday to pay for their children’s education but teachers don’t have the tools or the knowledge to teach.

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A very important story for Samoa

Dear Editor, Re: David Tua takes on suicide, depression This is perhaps the most critical fight for David Tua and his charity beyond any heavy fight bouts during his fighting days.

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They should pay their taxes

Dear Editor, Re: Why the govt shouldn’t tax Ministers It is written... “ FAITH WITHOUT ACTION IS DEAD...” We All know that Warning From God very well, right Dr Pitapola?

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Do your work in the name of God

Dear Editor Re: Of God, Grace and Christianity Jesus is the Way the Truth and Life. This is free to everyone without exceptions. If they accepted Buddha instead of Jesus the Way and Life, then they have rejected the free gift of eternal life.

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Education not a priority

Dear Editor Re: Report slams education system There you go PS Jeffrey. The education in Samoa is garbage. If the teachers were qualified as the report specifies they would go and get a job where they are paid adequately.

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As long as it’s respectful

Re: What freedom of speech is all about Freedom of speech under a pseudonym should be OK, so long as it is respectful, constructive and not offensive to the regular person on the street.

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It’s a tough one

Re: A Fund for the future of Samoa Very thoughtful idea Lupe. However, Samoa does not have a programme that will distribute any donation fairly. Remember all the donation for the Tsunami?

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Being kind to others

Re: Don’t forget the hardships they’re going through Bless you Mata’afa for the kindness at heart you’ve shown to the poor mother.

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Why are the Police wasting their time?

Dear Editor, Re: Search warrant at the Samoa Observer Egregious! With my aghast and subdued ambivalence for what has taken place so far in Vaitele, surely brings back the fearsome Dawn Raid memories of the 70s in New Zealand to muster up Samoa overstayers like animals being rounded up by four legged animals (dogs) with the police handlers in chase.

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Jesus desires mercy not sacrifice

Dear Editor, Re: Ex-Reverend tells all When the Pharisees were asking questions why Jesus is having dinner with Matthew the tax collector and a ‘sinner’ as that’s how they labelled Matthew.

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Sharing information is power

Dear Editor, Re: Prevention is always better than cure Lawyer Leuluaiali’i Olinda Woodroffe is really concerned about the government inaction concerning the Auckland TB outbreak. She wrote to the PM.

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Same problem 50 years ago

Re: Struggle for water I can’t believe struggle for water is still going on today. Back in the 60’s n 70’s that’s what we did in Falealili.

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Everyone has a story to tell

It seems that everyone is doing it, writing that is. Just two weeks ago author, Jane Vaafusuaga launched two children’s books at Business Systems Limited, A gift for Ana and the Samoan version, O le meaalofa mo Ana.

Street Talk

Mui Ioane 33

Learning in schools: Samoan? English or both?

Fetalai Tuilulu’u and Aruna Lolani asked the people on the street whether they thought their kids should be taught in Samoan, English or both languages Here are their thoughts:

Think a Minute


Think a minute.In June, 1969, the countries of Honduras and El Salvador declared war against each other. Until then, these two neighboring nations in Central America had been like close cousins.


ANZAC: Lest we forget!

Today, 25 April 2017, marks 102 years since the landing of thousands of Australian and New Zealand troops on the shores of Gallipoli and the birth of the term ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps).

Between the Lines


ALL PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY It was wonderful to see instant and very positive feedback to the ‘Clash of the Colours’ promotion of the Blues-Reds rugby game on the evening of June 2 at Apia Park.

Sunday Reading

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

The fire burnt low in the hearth but the servant women made no move to add fuel to it.

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