Everyone has a story to tell

It seems that everyone is doing it, writing that is. Just two weeks ago author, Jane Vaafusuaga launched two children’s books at Business Systems Limited, A gift for Ana and the Samoan version, O le meaalofa mo Ana.

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Give yourself a sporting chance

There is just over a month to go before the Queensland Reds and the Auckland Blues will run out onto Apia Park. Who would have thought that would be possible?

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How Samoa can move forward

This much is undeniable. There is danger from within the halls of power in Samoa today. It has something to do with unresolved cases of corruption, collusion, abuse and misuse of power hurting the most vulnerable people of this country.

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What freedom of expression is all about

Freedom of expression is one thing. Abusing people and making unfounded allegations under the guise of freedom of expression, especially when the writer is a faceless ghost, is something else.

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Don’t forget the hardships they’re going through too

The conditions are not ideal. With the scorching heat, the humidity reaching ridiculous levels, you see men and women toiling hard on the streets of Samoa to make money.

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Parting words of a Christian

There is an age old phrase that many people quote, “You shouldn’t talk about religion or politics.” Why? The obvious answer is of course, that they can cause conflict.

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Aid, contradictions and conflicts of interest

Think about this for a minute. Without aid and hand outs from all corners of the world, where will Samoa be today? What are we to do when aid stops?

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Prevention is always better than cure

The discussion about the recent typhoid outbreak in Auckland, which led to the death of a Samoan woman there, was largely muted on these shores.

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Distractions, smokescreens and cost of corruption

The truth is simple enough. We live in an interesting time. There are so many glaring problems screaming to be solved and yet we see so much distraction. They come in all sorts of forms and different shapes.

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Let’s not waste an opportunity

Okay we’re just gonna say it now and leave it out there. It’s something many people in Samoa are thinking but are perhaps unable to voice.

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Petty crime a crying shame

We know this much. The seawall on Beach Road is one of the most important features of the Apia Township. Utilised well, it is a wonderful space for everyone.

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Sevens; is it time to panic yet?

Another leg of the HSBC Sevens and it appears Samoa is still barely hanging in there with our 13th position on the ladder, – a far cry from the glory days of 2010.

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Think resurrection, think about an eternal hope for all!

He’s alive. And because of that there is hope. Eternal hope. And hope is one thing the world sorely needs right now amidst all the chaos near and far.

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God’s love, Jesus Christ the sacrifice and our response

It’s Good Friday today. In this nation, which was recently declared an official Christian state, most of us will pause to remember and reflect on the day our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for our salvation.

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A positive development in the search for jobs

Praise is deserved where it is due. And today we believe the government, the Samoa Shipping Services and everyone else involved in the journey of seafarers who are heading overseas for employment deserve a pat on the back and to be congratulated.

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But of course Samoa is not broke. At least that’s the official line

Here’s the good news. According to the Minister of Finance, Sili Epa Tuioti, the government is not broke.

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Preparing for the tough times ahead

The truth is simple enough. In countries near and far, there are real concerns about food. With climate change the cost of economic struggles, we cannot be sure that food will always be available in abundance.

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Government and déjà vu

If you didn’t already have this feeling of déjà vu before you started to read our sidebar front page story, we can pretty much guarantee you will have it by the time you get to the end of it.

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A young mother, a $1,147 debt, and a two-month old baby in jail!

It’s a tough, sick paradise we’re living in today, I reckon. On 31 March 2017, a story published on the front page of the Samoa Observer, titled “Mother and baby in custody over debt”, told about what would turn out to be a shocking story, to say the least.

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Syria conflict and Trump turning a corner

A global conflict that has been bubbling beneath the surface for a while now can no longer be contained. And as you have seen on the front page of the paper you are reading, U.S. President Donald Trump has made his first major move as President in terms of dealing with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s continued violation of the law and use of chemical weapons.

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Letters to the Editor

We want you

Dear Editor Re: It ís stupid, insulting Mr. Commissioner you are doing a great job over there in Samoa, just keep your head up, you will get criticized a lot of times while you’re there because you are doing something great over there, bringing good changes into the Samoa Police Force.

Street Talk

Mui Ioane 33

Learning in schools: Samoan? English or both?

Fetalai Tuilulu’u and Aruna Lolani asked the people on the street whether they thought their kids should be taught in Samoan, English or both languages Here are their thoughts:

Think a Minute


Think a minute.In June, 1969, the countries of Honduras and El Salvador declared war against each other. Until then, these two neighboring nations in Central America had been like close cousins.


ANZAC: Lest we forget!

Today, 25 April 2017, marks 102 years since the landing of thousands of Australian and New Zealand troops on the shores of Gallipoli and the birth of the term ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps).

Between the Lines


ALL PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY It was wonderful to see instant and very positive feedback to the ‘Clash of the Colours’ promotion of the Blues-Reds rugby game on the evening of June 2 at Apia Park.

Sunday Reading

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

The fire burnt low in the hearth but the servant women made no move to add fuel to it.

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