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Dear Editor,

Re: We are living at a time of prophesy 

You call out for just Protestant to wake up. What about other children of God? This is why these novice stats can’t be right. This is not Jesus you proclaim here, when you know something and you call just a group of people to be saved from destruction, you’re not a good Christian.

This is why things go wrong, when some ambitious people try to wrong and brainwash the free gift of the Lord brought into the Last Supper with His apostles gathered for this very First Holy Communion on earth, and, it is still alive...(non stop) and that’s why the Protestant celebration called Fa’amagakuga one per month or 12 times a year, when the Catholic Church have that Holy Eucharist everyday.

So think and see who is still living without food for 4 weeks in a month LOL(one meal per month) I can’t live my soul for that long without this living bread of life..

Dark ages as you mention does include the rise of this Former Catholic Priest Martin Luther on his time when he apostate the Church.

Research what went wrong with him and the reason why did he choose to part the Church. you will surprise...

Jesus is very clear if you allow yourself to accept what is in Matthew 16:18-19. This is JESUS, His words to Simon Peter HIMSELF. No one can change the Church and the establishment of Jesus the LORD Himself.

Nor what you think it was. 

That is called the overturning to the Authority from above. Soifua.


G. Elo

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