We don’t need this type

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Dear Editor, 

I write in response to your story titled “Father sets record straight” concerning sacked former Police Officer, Dave Tomasi.

The above-mentioned headline caught my attention and so I began to read. 

I am appalled at the level of dishonesty of this former police officer, Dave Tomasi, not only did he illegally enter a private vehicle, blatantly attempted to solicit cash, threaten to incarcerate if they refuse to pay the $200 fine…my interpretation is this:

1. Dave Tomasi intentionally misled the public to believe he was singled out, victimized and unfairly relieved for his interpretation of upholding the law as a police officer. 

2. Dave Tomasi purposely broke the law when he attempted to solicit the amount of $200 or be locked up. Bribery?

3. Dave Tomasi is no longer a police officer! 

We don’t need his kind in the public sector. 

Where keys are transparency and accountability, not corruption or professional misconduct!



Relieved Tax Payer

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