CONVENTION TALKS: Rebecca Minty, Acting P.M. Papali’i Niko Lee Hang, Ambassador Carsten Staur and Marc Limon during their meeting.

Samoa discusses Convention against Torture with high-level delegation

The Convention against Torture Initiative (C.T.I.) stands ready to support Samoa in its efforts to rectify the U.N. Convention against Torture (U.N.C.A.T.) by 2024.

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COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT INITIATIVE: Mcdonald’s 12 Joyful Nights of Christmas this year will provide new jobs and educational opportunities for Samoa and its youth.

$10,000 boost to ‘Twelve Joyful Nights of Christmas’

Preparations for the inaugural McDonald’s 12 Joyful Nights of Christmas this year are well and truly underway. On Tuesday night, Pacific Kingz Communications, Media, Productions and Events (P.K.C.M.P.E.) presented $10,000 to the E.F.K.S TV2 for the screening of the event to be held at Taumeasina Island Resort.

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‘ONE U.N. HOUSE’: Officials from the different UN agnecies moving equipment to what will soon become their new headquarters.

U.N. agencies on the move

The United Nations family in Samoa is on the move. For the past couple of days, trucks and vehicles have been commuting from Matautu to the former Hockey Stadium at Tuana’imato where the United Nations family has relocated to. 

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Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi, Papali’i Niko Lee Hang and Faumuina Wayne Fong.

Acting P.M. issues assurance

Acting Prime Minister, Papali’i Niko Lee Hang, is on a mission to investigate reports about certain party members conspiring to take over the Prime Ministership role. He has also reassured the country there is nothing to be alarmed about.

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SAVAII LAUNCH: Verity Smith, Tupa’i Saleimoa Va’ai, Sonya Peters, Keith Budd and Kala Ah Mu.

New koko nursery launched in Asau

A new koko nursery, launched in Asau yesterday under the auspices of the award-winning Whittaker’s–Va’ai Partnership, and with support from New Zealand — looks set to help further develop Samoa’s burgeoning koko industry and grow Samoa’s koko export production.

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LE MOANA'S CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Tupe Lualua leads her cast of AUMAGA.

Samoa to host Pacific artists

Samoa will once again play host to another conference in November. This event will see Pacific artists and academics from around the world descending on Apia, prepared to take on this year’s theme of “Making the invisible, visible.”

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FACE OF CANCER AWARENESS: Manamea Apelu Schwalger with family and supporters during the Pinktober march.

Pinktober takes cancer fight to Savai’i

Cancer is a life changer, not just for the individual who has it, but for the whole family who walk with them into battle knowing their life hangs between a plan and a prayer. The community on the big Island of Savai’i is coming together in honour of those families who are weary from the relentless fight against this insidious disease.

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Toa Samoa cooled down at the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel with Samoa’s version of the palagi’s energy drinks.

Toa Samoa chillaxing

CALM BEFORE THE STORM: After a hard training session in Apia’s heat and humidity, the Toa Samoa cooled down at the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel with Samoa’s version of the palagi’s energy drinks.

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PRIME MINISTER: Tuilaepa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi.

P.M. back Sunday, Parliament delayed

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi is expected to return home this Sunday. This was confirmed by Acting Prime Minister, Papali’i Niko Lee Hang, who spoke briefly about the status of the Prime Minister’s health yesterday.

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SON OF SAMOA FOR SAMOA: Lupesoliai La'auliolemalietoa Joseph Parker with his uncles, Su'a Henry Fruean and Rudy Baice show off W.B.O. heavyweight title which now belongs to Samoa.

World champion Samoa’s Global Ambassador

The path up to Su’a Henry Fruean’s house at Moto’otua felt familiar the moment I headed into the direction of the family house and there was an overwhelming sensation that one had been there before.

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OUT TO SEA: A total of 69 Seafarers secured jobs on M.S.C. Cruise and Cargo Ships and are bound to work overseas.

Seafarers ready for work overseas

The Acting Prime Minister, Papali’i Niko Lee Hang, has given the country’s blessings to sixty-nine local seafarers who are bound for work overseas. Papali’i wished them all the best during a ceremony held at the T.A.T.T.E. Building on Monday.

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DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE: Paulo Pisa from Sala’ilua, Savaii.

Man from Sala’ilua, Savai’i ready to see the world

Don’t ever stop dreaming in life. What you wish for may one day come true, even if you think it’s impossible. It surely worked for 19-year-old Paulo Pisa whose childhood dreams just came true.

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HARDWORKING MOTHER: Serisa Mavaega from Vailu’utai.

A mother’s sacrifice for her family

A saying goes what you do as a mother matters, and it is valuable and precious in God’s eyes. For 45-year-old mother, Serisa Mavaega from Vailu’utai, sacrificing her life for her family is the greatest gift she can give them. Serisa is a hardworking mother who runs a stall to sell ice cake at her village.

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FAMILY MAN: Toleafoa Sanerivi from Utuali’i.

Family survives off fishing

Be patient and calm. No one can catch fish in anger. That’s one of the number one rules for 57-year-old Toleafoa Sanerivi from Utuali’i. The Village Voice met him while on his way to fish on the other side of his village.

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HARD LIFE: Pelesasa Mano, of Utuali’i.

It’s a hard life in Samoa

The sea, for Pelesasa Mano of Utuali’i, is a source of sustenance for his family. Not only does the sea provide food, it also helps generate income when he sells his catches. Pelesasa is used to his daily routine. First he ensures the kids are ready to attend school before going out fishing.

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CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF PARADISE: Debbie and Jack having a great time in Samoa.

Family returns for unfinished business

The Graham  family was   leisurely awaiting their tour guide inside the lobby of Taumeasina Island Resort when discussion among the four ensued over a spread of brochures and tourism flyers. Dear Tourist was curious as to where they planned to head out to and so enquired with mother, Debbie, who chatted to us about their holiday so far.

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CELEBRATION IN SAMOA: Caitlin accompanying her friend Henry to Samoa to celebrate University graduation.

Students celebrate graduation in Samoa

It may have been 10am in Samoa but it was after 5pm for New Zealand University students, Henry and Caitlin. The students were enjoying some nice cold Vailimas by the pool at Tanoa Tusitala Hotel when Dear Tourist joined them for a chat. The pair are friends from New Zealand.

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TALOFA LAVA: Nico and Gabi Mana from Argentina.

Hola: From Argentina to Samoa

Meet Nico and Gabi Mana from Argentina and New Zealand. Dear Tourist caught them in Apia exploring the city before heading to the big island today. Mr. and Mrs. Mana are originally from Argentina, however, they have moved to New Zealand for work purposes.

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THE STATE OF THE BUILDING: The run down condition of the Samoa Land Corporation building situated in Tuana'imato. This cost taxpayers close to $5million to build.

$4.2million headquarters falling apart

The $4.2 million tala three-story headquarters of the Samoa Land Corporation is in no condition to be occupied because of the unhygienic status of the building. This is according to an official who took the liberty of snapping these photos. 

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SAMOA RUGBY UNION CHAIR: Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi.

Rugby Union struggles with over $1m debt

The Samoa Rugby Union (S.R.U.) had a tough year in 2016 as it attempted to deal with a debt of over $1million from the previous financial year. The figure is revealed in the report by the S.R.U. Chairman, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, from their Annual Report. 

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Think a Minute

Shortcuts to paradise

Think a minute…A man walked into a bar for a drink and said: “Bartender, I’m in trouble, so make it a double!” Many of us struggle with painful, real problems: no money, no job, unwanted pregnancies, family violence, unhappy marriages.


Chinese influence is everywhere

If you are worried about the number of Chinese coming to Samoa, well, you should look at what’s happening to New Zealand, Australia, Canada and every other country in the world.

Between the Lines


Con artist at work So there is apparently someone conning unsuspecting members of the public at the Land Transport Authority compound. In a public notice, L.T.A has warned members of the public to be alert.

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