Samoa Red Cross raises $15,537 for Fiji

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HELP FIJI: Fijians in Samoa who helped during the Red Cross Appeal.

HELP FIJI: Fijians in Samoa who helped during the Red Cross Appeal.

PR - The Samoa Red Cross Society raised $15,537.39 from a Public Appeal to Help Victims of Tropical Cyclone Winston, in Fiji.

The Samoa Red Cross Society wishes to acknowledge with sincere appreciation, members of our business community, public servants, schools and the general public who generously contributed monetary donations to help our Fijian brothers and sisters who have been seriously affected by the impacts of TC Winston, in February 2016.

$10,000 (FJD) was transmitted (TT) direct to the Fiji Red Cross, who are active on the ground in their response work to provide humanitarian assistance for victims of TC Winston, in Fiji. 

Samoa Red Cross Society, was called to HELP Victims of TC Winston in Fiji, through its expertise in Water and Sanitation. 

Isara Iose Isara of the Samoa Red Cross Society was deployed in the weekend, to respond to an urgent call from the Fiji Red Cross, for assistance in the area of Water and Sanitation. 

An initial four-member regional disaster response team (RDRT) from Asia and Pacific National Societies, has been deployed over the weekend to provide operational support to the Fiji Red Cross operations in Fiji. 

Isara, is the interim disaster manager for the Samoa Red Cross Society, and a multidisciplinary disaster management trained member of our staff and volunteers, on standby in response to disaster events occurring within country, regionally and internationally, according with skills and expertise in disaster management they possess. 


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