Airport project, Peseta and Tenders Board

Dear Editor, Re: Tenders Board defends decision Every bidder who is a Samoan company has people “inside the circle”. It is impossible not to in a small micro country like Samoa. The minister here, Peseta, should have divested himself of his shareholding to be “squeaky clean”, but at the end of the day, he is not a director of the company.

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A question about TV Bingo

Dear Editor, Re: Gambling control authority and TV Bingo Malo Tuatagaloa Alfred Schwalger, you are absolutely right. I also have a question for this former faletua.

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Recommendations for Samoa

Re: Changes to the Head of State role I don’t like these changes. It is Tuilaepa’s way of ushering in non-Tama-a-Aiga to the office of Head of State. Samoa is now a republic without even knowing it. We were not a monarchy but neither were we a republic.

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Re: P.M. urges Ministers to stay away from business Does the P.M. really need to advise his minsters and associate ministers to do the right thing? Really, either they are ignorant or they are uneducated (a favourite description of the P.M’s).

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What a wise man would do

Dear Editor Re: Olo on Faleolo Airport and Peseta’s response If you ask our navigator forefathers about this Ti’avea madness; they would laugh and laugh and laugh and then say; the son of Lepa and his friends have no knowledge about wind shifts, wind shear, wind dips, wind bending even wind tunneling as the terrain is mountainous.

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Gambling Control Authority and TV Bingo

Dear Editor The Gambling Control Authority postulating that parents should make sure their children under the age of 21 are not allowed to gamble is ironic especially in light of the same Authority allowing TV 1 to bring gambling into the homes of Samoa through TV Bingo.

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Drugs in Samoa, avoidance and secrecy

Dear Editor Allow me to share my views on a couple of issues featured in your newspaper recently. Firstly, concerning the story titled “Samoa could get in a drug War.” I would to suggest that Samoa being the next designated targets of these cartels is nothing new to the public of Samoa.

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Get the Police involved

Re: How exactly have these multi-million -tala projects improved lives? The Ministry of Revenue has an outstanding debt of $87.6 million in the 2014-2015 financial years. Nobody knows why.

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A bottomless pit

Re: How exactly have these multi-million -tala projects improved lives? Good question you’ve posed. Why services and prices are not getting better and cheaper. Take solar energy for instance. When solar farm was launch, the P.M. said there will be a reduction in diesel fuel of about a million tala a month (his keynote).

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What the government is really good at

Dear Editor, Interesting editorial about Samoa yesterday. I fail to understand where this faith in government comes from. Are the citizens of Samoa so steered by their education from government teachers? Government is a provider from whom recipients cannot easily fire nor can easily shift market share away from.

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About the cost of the Mulifanua Stake Centre

Dear Editor, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not normally disclose financial information regarding Church facilities. However, it should be noted that the cost of the Mulifanua Stake Centre quoted in the Samoa Observer on Sunday 30 September was grossly exaggerated.

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Open letter to the General Manager and management of E.P.C.

On the 1st October, your Corporation increased the cost of electricity to all consumers and different rates are applied to domestic, non-domestic users, commercial. What we would also like to know what rates you are charging government and the politicians. I raised this matter because I spent a lot of unnecessary time to correct mistakes in your newly adopted system, which took them almost 3 hours to correct the problem.

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Help the helpless

Re: Lawyer calls for review of judgment debt About time, malo Su’a! Where’s the justice in locking up people who took that small amount in addition interest of whatever percent yet after those eight weeks you come back and still have to pay such amount.

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Alarmed by such reckless driving in Samoa

Dear Editor It has come to my attention the rapid spread of car accidents like a contagious disease for the past few months. It has taken the lives of a 5 year old. The fact that you never know what would happen on the road is very unnerving and accidents happen in the least of unexpected places.

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Stay strong Lumepa

Dear Editor, Re: Remembering the tsunami of 2009: The Blue Horizon! When a Samoan pours out their heart it comes from their very soul, with the very best of humanity in this world. Humble, but with such a natural meaningful choice of words that one is left weeping.

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How can this be happening at the Samoa Rugby Union?

Dear Editor, With regards to your news headline “S.R.U. Board member criticises decision,” myself and the majority of people in this civilised world are certainly baffled to comprehend how, in this day and age would such irresponsible action be committed by the Samoa Rugby Chief Executive Officer.

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Free ride or goodbye Argentina!

Dear Editor, Interesting reading the story titled “Committee recommends international travel” on the front page of the Monday Samoa Observer. Free travel on our Samoa Airways, luxury accommodation with room service and more money for allowance?

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Providing context

Dear Editor Re: Golf, conflict of interest, New York and the persecution of Christians Here is some context. There are two types of Churches in China. The state-sanctioned churches, which accept the Chinese communist party is the government.

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Head of State change

Re: Govt. moots amending Head of State Act Change to official Address of the Head of State from Susuga to Afioga is unnecessary, backward politics, and a rejection of the enlightened fusion of Samoan Traditional Spirituality and Christian Church Spirituality embodied in the Term Susuga.

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Questions about the Alaoa Dam project

Talofa Fonoti and Tuala, I have the opinion pieced written by Fiu Mataese Elisara published n the Samoa Observer Newspaper on Monday. Historically as you two maybe aware the land currently owned by the GoS in Alaoa was gifted by Malietoa Tanumafili I during the New Zealand Administration for the purpose of a dam to provide water for Apia and gravel for the roads.

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Well done, Samoa A! Now why has not one of them made the Manu Samoa?

At long last there is some positive news on the rugby front. We are talking about Samoa A’s well deserved victory at the Americas Pacific Rugby Challenge at the Estadio Charrua in Montevideo. The win is great for rugby in Samoa, especially for the controversy-prone Samoa Rugby Union (S.R.U.) which desperately needed some positive news to break their way after what’s been unfolding publically lately.

Street Talk

Faaiuga Tusitala 46

Savaii residents want 2019 Miss Samoa Pageant and Teuila Festival

Should the 2019 Miss Samoa Pageant and Teuila Festival be held in Savaii? Reporter Adel Fruean travelled to Savai’i to cover the pageant and also had the chance to speak to locals on what they thought of Samoa’s two premier events.

Think a Minute

Goose or Gull?

Think a minute…One of my favorite birds to watch is the beautiful white seagull. It looks so graceful and gentle floating on the soft sea breezes. But looks can be deceiving. I was saddened and surprised to learn that these innocent-looking creatures are not at all peaceful and kind when it comes to getting along with each other.


The implications of IPCC SR15 on our islands

I’ve been ruminating on the release of the I.P.C.C. Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C (SR15) in the past few days.

Between the Lines


Is this Samoa’s Manu Samoa? Two issues stand out like a sore thumb in the selection of the Manu Samoa. Firstly, there is not a single player picked from the competitions in Samoa.

Sunday Reading

Myths and Legends of the Ancient World

The spears flew towards the youth on the hill, whistling as they cut through the air. Grinning, Queen Medb’s general drew his sword, eager to take back to his Queen the head of this warrior whom they called the Hound of Ulster. He had no doubt his spears would find their mark.

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