About time these reports are exposed

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Dear Editor,

Re:  Auditors eye Health workers overtime 

Wow. All this movement recently by the Auditor to expose the corruption that everyone knew was rampant in every branch of government and all the government bureaucrats and elected officials. 

It’s amazing how just the existence of a viable opposition, the S.F.P.P. led by a strong vocal honest woman, and the other S.F.P.P. patriots who want to protect customary lands for future generations, can get those big entitled men in the H.R.P.P. to do what they should have been doing all along. 

If missing receipts was an issue in the last Audit report, why is it still an issue? When does this H.R.P.P. stop serving themselves and start being accountable to the people of Samoa?

Never is my guess so they need to be out so the people of Samoa can see the whole picture. 

Time for a change. Iuni, Iuni, Iuni and the S.F.P.P. It has a nice ring.



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