Revolution of love

Dear Editor Re: Prayers keep Samoa peaceful Will prayer alone deal with corruption? Clearly it won’t. Corruption must be dealt with.

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What are you talking about?

Dear Editor Re: Parliament in Samoa You don’t know what you are talking about. Those system that you are referring to as presidential are just dictatorships. The parliamentary system in the way it is set up can be a dictatorship because of party discipline, which is what they all have.

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You’re digging your own grave

Dear Editor, I am saddened by the sudden decision for the Head of State His Highness Tupua Tamasese Efi to step down. What a shock to Samoa and everyone who respect His highness in Samoa and abroad?

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How it works in the H.R.P.P

Dear Editor, Steve, graduate of Primer 1, we meet again. I am happy to educate you further. Of course the H.R.P.P. write new laws to put their agenda into action. That is the whole point of being the government dumbo.

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We need fresh ideas

Dear Editor, Re: The P.M’s term It is a must. For any progression, we need fresh ideas and fresh eyes to move us to a better future. I believe a government needs to invest in its people for a better future. Happier people will make sacrifices for positive progression.

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What sex scandal are you talking about?

Dear Editor, For God’s sake, stop being cynical ! You must be a lonely person! Not even one per cent of the total population of Catholics in any country is affected vis s vis to the sex scandal you mentioned on the paper, which appears to be a Catholic mortal and global sin.

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About the Foreign Investment act review

Dear Editor If the original intention of the Foreign Investment Act (F.I.A) prohibits ‘retailing’ by foreign investors, then judging from the apparent look of activities, perhaps a review is indeed urgently needed.

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Why I disagree with your views

Dear Editor, I completely disagree with the letter titled Parliament and the Head of State for the following reasons: 1. Five H.R.P.P candidates running against 1 opposition candidate - the advantage is with the opposition candidate because the HRPP vote is split between 5 candidates and therefore cancel each other out whereas all the opposition voters concentrate their vote for one guy.

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Change is needed

Re: Coach gamble failed What a disaster our national rugby team is in the hands of the vultures. I said it again and again that unless our sports body is fully independent not influenced by political views and no politicians involved it will never improved.

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Talking rubbish

Re: The dictator of Samoa Hello Maua, long time no hear. You’re still talking rubbish. Every democracy has restrictions on who can run. Most countries restrict you by your place of birth or citizenship or age or financial status or whether you have a criminal record.

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Start them young

Re: Coach gamble failed So our selected “experienced” players were either out of form or not as experienced as their Tongan and Fijian counterparts. (Wales sent a young side) Almost if not all our “experienced” players are overseas based.

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Samoa’s current political predicament

Dear Editor, Re: Politics today Again the people have no choice but to put a majority of H.R.P.P in power that will never vote against the PM because of that pathetic election rule that allows 5 H.R.P.P people to run in one district.

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What laws?

Dear Editor Re: The laws of the land What laws are you talking about? There are no supreme laws you idiot. Only God is supreme and his laws only are supreme.

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The difference

Dear Editor Re: Powerful P.M. If the P.M. has a majority he actually has more power than a president. This is what Tuilaepa fully understands and you PS Jeffrey do not.

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Samoa’s party and Parliamentary system

Dear Editor, Re: Parliament and the Head of State Again the people have no choice but to put a majority of H.R.P.P in power that will never vote against the P.M. because of that pathetic election rule that allows five H.R.P.P people to run in one district.

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A pathetic practice

Dear Editor, Re: Airport emergency drill While you are at drills Mr. Manager of S.A.A, invent a drill to remove that stupid security officer who stands at the door of the departure lounge writing down every serial number of every boarding pass of every passenger that goes through.

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Rules, regulations and the church

Dear Editor, Re: In response to sex scandals and the Catholic church I’m a little confused. The title is: “In response to sex scandals and the Catholic church,” but I didn’t read anything addressing that horrific issue.

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A funeral announcement

Dear Editor, It is with deep regret and sympathy that we wish to announce the passing away by natural cause and defenseless response in broad daylight last Saturday 15th July 2017 at about 4pm of the MANU SAMOA RUGBY TEAM at their own home Apia Park in the presence of the following Laui’a’s of the sport of rugby.

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Denial is the problem

Dear Editor Re: Everyone needs help when it comes to mental toughness Mental toughness is an individual accomplishment which is heavily cultivated by it’s surroundings or it’s environment.

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There’s a time for everything

Dear Editor, Re: The P.M’s term There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:.. a time to be born and a time to die, Our mothers are our doors to Earth Our graves are our doors back to Heaven.

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Addressing poverty and hardship a key step in dealing with wanton violence

This much is undeniable. The spate of gruesome crimes – including murders, rape, theft and many others - reported over recent months is quite frightening. So alarming we cannot help but wonder how much more we will allow this epidemic of unpremeditated violence to continue.

Street Talk

Tina Vaipua

Should the P.M.’s term be limited?

Do you think there should be a limit on the number of terms for the Prime Minister? The question has surfaced following the government’s decision to change the Head of State after two terms in office. Deidre Fanene asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what people said:

Think a Minute

Get hold of happiness

Think a minute…Have you heard of the new emotional sickness called Sudden Wealth Syndrome? It happens to people who suddenly become rich by winning a big lottery jackpot, inheriting a lot of money, or other quick ways.


Living with ghosts

A good friend, smart also, once told me I live with ghosts. By ghosts he was referring to my childhood days.

Between the Lines

Between The Lines

7 QUESTIONS THAT ARE KEEPING US AWAKE 1. So come July 26, the day after the current Tui Atua is no longer the Head of State, is he still His Highness? 2. After being addressed as His Highness for 10 years, what new honorific if any, will he be known by?

Sunday Reading

WATER POWER TOP-UP INITIATIVE: The Prime Minister's response confirms that the government will keep the best interest of the country and may revisit the initiative.

Govt. receptive to Water Power System

Government has taken on board suggestions for a Water Power top-up initiative identical to the Cash Power top-up for electricity.

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