Saina Youth Group taking part in Wetlands Day.

Why Samoa values wetlands

“For all of us who call Samoa our home, this is a time to celebrate a very special part of our natural environment – the “wetlands.” - Deputy Prime Minister, Fiame Naomi Mataafa

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CONGRATULATIONS: Class of 2016-2017.

Graduation joy for Maritime graduates

The graduates had completed a one-year-course, which looked at the theory and practical side of their work.

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PROTECTING THE FUTURE OF SIUMU: Tuu’u Fa’avae said they want to protect the business prospects for their young people who will return from studies to set up businesses in the future.

Siumu stops foreign-owned shops

“It’s not just the Chinese businesses, this goes for all foreign-owned businesses.” - Tuu’u Fa’ase’e

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SIGNING: Leautulilagi Vanessa Barlow Schuster, Fui Asofou So’o and Apulu Lance Polu.

Media Code of Ethics adopted

The Samoa Media Code of Ethics has been officially adopted following a celebration at the National University of Samoa (N.U.S.) on Tuesday evening.

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LOOK HERE: Probationers inside the facilities getting a taste of what life behind bars is like.

Hard lessons for young offenders

The probationers were taken to Tafaigata Prison where they experienced being processed into the prison and given a tour of the facilities. 

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Elderly mother says hard work is key to long life

“Everything I do is for my kids. I want them to have a better life, have everything so when I’m gone they know how to live their lives." - Penina Sopi

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FROM SAVAI’I: Mei Si’isi’i prefers the life of Savai’i than Upolu.

Happiness is what counts

“Me and my husband are here to visit my children but we stay in Savai’i where we have our own plantation for food and money.”

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A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A LOVING FATHER: Anitelea Simone walks from Tulaele to Vaitele to sell pork buns.

Father walks everywhere to sell pork buns for kids’ education

It is every parent’s dream to see their children grow up to be successful people in life.

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HARD WORKING SECURITY OFFICER: AlofaatuNono from the village of Vailele.

We are called to work hard

“To be honest, it is such a good feeling when you work because no matter how life is when you see your children working together with you, it just pushes you to continue working hard.”

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NOT HAPPY: Tauiliili Joseph Fruean has had enough of E.P.C.

Angry resident slams E.P.C.

“Your corporation bought 25 new cars to do these services but you’re still the worst.” - Tauiliili Joseph Fruean

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SAMOA HOUSING CORP: Matautia Rula Levi.

Samoa Housing chief reappointed

The woman responsible for the growth of the Samoa Housing Corporation (S.H.C) over the years has been reappointed for another three years.

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The driver lost control and it veered to a ditch on the side of the road.

Be careful on those slippery roads!

ROAD SIDE DRAMA: The wet weather and slippery roads is a bad combination.

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His Highness Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi.

Head of State addresses disability forum

The Head of State, His Highness TuiAtuaTupuaTamaseseEfi, has welcomed the participants of the 5th Pacific Regional Conference on Disability being held in Samoa this week.

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MONEY MOVES: The Central Bank of Samoa is serious about stopping money laundering.

Authorities step up battle against money laundering

Authorities in Samoa have taken a major step in the fight against financially -motivated crime and terrorist financing.

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Anger and stress management, family relationships, goal setting and spiritual guidance form part of the counseling rehabilitation program.

Reformed women to graduate tomorrow

Close to 50 reformed women referred from the Courts for counseling sessions under S.V.S.G’s Advocacy Programmes in 2016, will be graduating in a ceremony to be held at the Travellers Point tomorrow.

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SAMOA SEVENS COACH: Tietjens at the trial for the Manu Samoa Sevens at Apia Park.

The master shares his knowledge

Sir Gordon Tietjens is regarded as one of the top coaches in the highest echelons of the Sevens Rugby arena.  

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I.G.G. MEMBERS AND FRIENDS: Learned about growing vanilla at Vaoala Vanilla and posing on the front lawn of owner and vanilla farmer, Shelly Burich.

Informal gardeners group get a taste of vanilla farming

Nestled in the cool hills of Vaoala is a quarter acre vanilla farm carefully managed and nurtured by Shelly Burich with much love and care.

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FRIENDLY AND FESTIVE ATMOSPHERE: Guests at the Sinalei Reef Resort’s 21st Beach party on Sunday.

Happy 21st birthday, Sinalei Reef Resort!

Samoa’s long-standing premium Resort, Sinalei Reef Resort & Spa, celebrated its 21st birthday with a Beach Party on Sunday.

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THANK YOU: Chief Executive Officer of M.E.S.C, Afamasaga Dr. Karoline Fuatai, with Chinese Ambassador, Wang Xuefeng and Huang Guangen.

China helps Aana Collge No. 2

A handover ceremony of a computer lab with twenty computers and one teaching platform from the government of China for Aana No. 2 College was held yesterday at Apolima-uta.

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Galoiolalealofa Long drawing a pilot and Year 8 student, Edward Hunt.

Vaiala Beach students address social justice

Gender Stereotyping was explored in the Year 8 class of Vaiala Beach School this week following the Monday February 20th observance of U.N World Day of Social Justice.

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Think a Minute

For adults only

Think a minute… Someone said, “The problem with fairytale marriages is the young lady who waits for her prince on a white horse does not yet know that she’s the one who cleans up after the horse!”


Time’s Illusionist

Jorim–Paul Phillips is a new columnist for the Samoa Observer’s ‘Newspapers in Education’ feature.

Between the Lines

New airlines please

We really need another airline that is not affiliated to an existing one which is also flying in and out of Samoa. In other words, competition please, not a cosy relationship where you both maintain the status quo at the expense of the trapped customers

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