Airport is the catalyst for economic growth

Dear Editor, Re: Samoa’s $140m international gateway I keep seeing this argument and it is laughable. Hawaii has freeways, a massive naval base, 60 storey hotels, one million people.

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The fate of Unasa Sapolu’s petition

Dear Editor, The Parliament of Samoa is governed by its own internal rules and procedures. The Parliament is operated under what is called “Standing Orders” or commonly known in Samoan as “Tulafono Tumau a le Palemene o Samoa”.

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They are only after the basics

Dear Editor, Re: White elephants, economy and the need for cost benefit analysis Thank you for your editorial. These poor people just want basic necessities of life; water and electricity. Is that too much to ask for from the government?

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It was like a funeral

Dear Editor, The Samoa Tourism Excellence Awards Night was more like a funeral. I’m sorry to say but that was the truth. Malo lava to all Sponsors and the Finalists. Samoa Tourism Authority, how could you try to mirror the Grammy awards when you can’t even host it well?

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Don’t waste your time P.M.

Dear Editor, Re: ‘Nepotism’ claims rejected The Hon. Prime of Samoa should never, ever, ever, ever wasted his worthwhile time on those who are spitting from behind the comfort of the velvet laced window of the casket. They are gutless, the mere sporadic faceless homo ghosts; dead as. They are cowards as and they only have allegations but not hard core evidence.

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It could save a life

Dear Editor, Re: Hoax calls All parents: Tell your children that a false emergency call may delay a genuine emergency call - which could result in a death of an injured person if the ambulance is delayed. Police should react to every false call with a fine or severe warning.

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Fix the prison

Dear Editor, Re: P.M. wants fitter prison guards You surprise me P.M., how about fixing up the prison to make it harder for these criminals to escape! Processes should be put in place for staff to manage the whereabouts of each and every single prisoner at all times, isn’t this just basic protocol that staff should already know and do?

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Did they violate the Constitution?

Dear Editor, Re: P.M. scoffs at call for consultation Did our government over-ride the Constitution to push through the re-introduction of the Criminal Libel Law? When I first read about the Criminal Libel Law passed by Parliament in all 3 readings, I was like wow and all this in less than an hour. So I was starting to wonder how the H.R.P.P. government by-pass or over-ride the Constitution to achieve this.

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This is not right

Dear Editor, Re: P.M. stands by S.T.E.C. Why does the P.M. mislead our people? How can he say Samoa Trust Estates Corporation is not a government entity when it is clearly listed on the Ministry of Public Enterprise website as 1 of 17 government Public Trading Bodies monitored by M.P.E?

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Out with the old in with the new

Dear Editor, Re: What needs to be done to improve Samoa? My prediction remains that this is the P.M.’s last term mainly due to illness and what God has in store for him. I am hoping that the new generation of Samoans have quietly prepared themselves to raise the standards of Samoa high up to international level.

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What needs to happen

Re: Samoa’s $140m international gateway How many years or generations before we get a return in investment? If 3 planes still arrive a day at Faleolo Airport for the next 5 years then this new face-lift construction was a massive loss making operation.

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Concentrate on what matters

Dear Editor, Re: Bad start for Parker camp I think they should have clarified their roles and stuck to what they were suppose to do. (1) Kevin Barry - the Trainer, Fight Analyser and Fight strategist. Kevin’s goal is for Joseph Parker to Win the Fight.

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Parker needs all our support

Dear Editor, I write in reference to your editorial “Bad start for Team Parker, they need to do better.” I’m with you Mata’afa with your views and concerns on Parker’s Team in their first press conference. This is the normal preparations and formalities in world championship and title fights where the fighters and their teams meet, look at each other seriously in the eyes then either shake hands or push off your opponent as an act of who’s the winner in the eyes of the people who are there.

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About the world economy

Re: China, Samoa and world economy The Chinese have been cooking their books for a while too. They have revised their GDP to 6.5 which I think is way lower than what was previously reported. The whole fractional reserve system is fractured but they are holding it up with lower interest rates which I think it cannot be sustained.

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Great stuff Lopa

Re: Jobless? Be proactive Malo lava Lopa. What you are feeding your family has the most nutritional value anyway. Much better than what is imported!

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A tribute to Ueta Solomona

Dear Editor A truly remarkable man left Samoa last week. This man, you see, passed away…and we are all so much poorer for it. Ueta Solomona was my lecturer and tutor at The University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji, many moons ago.

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What needs to be done to improve Samoa

Dear Editor Re: Healthy Pacific Islands move Great work here but more systems are required to keep tourists from contracting serious stomach bugs and dengue fever. Two of my cousins from Australia contracted Dengue and 8 had serious vomiting and high temperatures for at least 4-6 days when returning back to NZ.

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China, Samoa and world economy

Dear Editor, Re: Pacific needs money, not words The global economy collapsed in 2008. China at the moment is the only country that is keeping global capitalism running, much like the US did with the Marshall Plan after the Second World War.

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Aid and fight between Australia, China

Dear Editor Re: No need to burn our bridges over Australia and China row Great piece Keni! You’re right, our P.M. should stay neutral on this issue and let Australia and China sort it out through diplomacy. I am grateful to both countries for their Aids and support.

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Stop trying to cover your failure

Dear Editor, Re: Convicts, law and silly excuses I 110% agree to what Mata’afa shared here. There is so much that is wrong in the H.R.P.P. government.

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Time to get those “sumo wrestlers” in shape

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi is absolutely correct. This country needs fit and able-bodied Prison guards who can chase after prisoners who run away from Tafa’igata Prison. And even some Police officers need to get in shape so they can do their jobs properly.

Street Talk

Ioane Isa’ako, 72

Your thoughts on China’s aid

According to the Lowy Institute, China has provided A$1.8 billion in aid and loans for the South Pacific nations between 2006 and 2016.The main recipients were Papua New Guinea, which received A$632 million, Fiji (A$360 million), Vanuatu (A$244 million) and Samoa (A$230 million). Last week, Ms. Fierravanti-Wells launched an unprovoked scathing attack on China’s aid to the Pacific countries – including Samoa. She accused the Chinese of building “roads to nowhere” and constructing “useless buildings” which will only leave Pacific countries with debts they cannot pay. What do you think of China’s aid to Samoa? We asked members of the public in today’s Street Talk and this is what they said:

Think a Minute

More is caught than taught

Think a minute…A man told about an experience his family had visiting a museum. The tour guide led them through all the rooms and then returned to her desk. As the family was leaving, she said: “I must tell you that I’ve never seen such well-mannered children.”


The woman and her bones

Do you feel the earth would be kinder if Adam was Eve instead? When I look at the children of the streets, I feel sorrow only. There is not a bone in a loving mother which does not ache for the grief upon any child. I miss my own mother like I miss the rain.

Between the Lines


LEARNING THE AIRLINES LINGO Heard the term “close in bookings”? Chances are, you are one of the many Samoans who fall into that category used by airlines to describe your booking when you travel.

Sunday Reading

PRESIDENT OF THE S.A.M.E.:Tagaloa Eddie Wilson with Happy Ava Farmers Tupai & Asoono- from Savaii.

Samoa’s Ava Exports expected to rise to prominence again

Samoa’s Ava Exports is looking promising, with exports expected to increase in the next couple of years. Ava exports was Samoa’s second largest export commidity from 1998 to 2001 until some European countries led by Germany imposed restrictions on the Pacific Kava Trade. Samoa’s exports of Ava in 1998 was just under $20m.

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