Why is P.M. Tuilaepa threatened by a “childish” politician who “lacks common sense”?

This much is undeniable. The outspoken Member of Parliament Olo Fiti Vaai has never been popular with the Human Rights Protection Party (H.R.P.P.) administration. He never will.

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“I am innocent,” Cabinet Minister, La’aulialemalietoa, said then. How about today? Please let us know.

On the front page of the Samoa Observer yesterday, the story titled Politician files $10 million lawsuit, was published. Filed by the Member of Parliament from the constituency of Gagaifomauga No. 3, La’aulialemalietoa Leuatea Schmidt, the suit targeted his former business colleague and fellow politician, Peseta Vaifou Tevaga.

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Education has the power to change the future

We’ve been saying this for sometime now, but we will say it again. Looking at a lot of our problems in Samoa today, what the people of this country really need are jobs and more income generating opportunities. In other words, they need money.

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Precious children, parents’ agony and lessons that could save lives

Here’s the thing. To lose one child through death is excruciatingly painful enough. It’s something no parents should have to go through. But can you imagine losing two children under eerily similar circumstances? It’s simply unimaginable. No words can describe it. And yet that’ exactly what parents, Karl Joseph and Christine Laulu, of Apia, have had to go through.

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Why it’s crucial we appreciate these small victories

When times are tough, the celebration of victories – whatever the size - is extremely important. It will go a long way to ensure future success. The same must be said for our beloved Manu Samoa today. Their two victories over Germany, starting with the win in Apia two weeks ago, and the one in Germany yesterday morning, are moments to savour.

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Taxes, E.F.K.S’s Secretary General and a Methodist Church Minister

And so it continues. The war of words between the Government and the biggest denomination in Samoa with close to 60,000 members, the E.F.K.S., rages on. If what is being said publically is anything go by, these parties are definitely on a collision course.

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A Govt-run hotel. Is it the best way to spend taxpayers’ money?

There is a widely held notion that Governments are not good at running businesses. That’s why in most parts of the world; the Government leaves that to the private sector to do. There are many reasons for this. One of them is bureaucratic ineptitude.

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Criminals don’t care that dogs are part of families too

Criminals know no boundaries. They would do anything, hurt anyone in their selfish quest to rob and steal from innocent members of the community. They are so heartless, cruel and have been blinded by greed, covetousness and their criminal intentions; they have shut their minds from what is decent and moral.

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Cyber crime, pornography and sense of moral responsibility

During the past few days, a couple of stories published on the pages of your newspaper were pretty difficult to ignore. Printed at a time when internet-based crime and abuse is at the forefront of national and international attention as the world grabbles with how to handle cyber crime, the stories were certainly an eye opener for Samoa.

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Let the deaths of the two babies not be in vain

It’s hard to escape, let alone ignore the pain and the heartbreak two families are going through today, following the deaths of two one year olds last Friday. Indeed, the death and loss of a precious life is hard enough.

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Wake up, lives are at risk

New year same old problem. We are talking about the plight of people living in Falelauniu, Vaitele-fou, Nu’u and nearby villages in relation to toxic fumes from the Tafa’igata landfill, which flared up again last week.

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Guns, drugs and a paradise we call Samoa

If the Police wanted the public to know the extent of the availability of illegal weapons in Samoa, they did a pretty good job last week. With such a public show of the destruction of guns – including a prayer and all where the media was invited to film – the pictures have since been etched into people’s memories, not just in Samoa but all over the world.

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Who are these “small minded” people, Mr. P.M.? Do they include the O.P.C. Committee too?

The past few weeks has been an interesting time to be in Samoa, especially if you have been following the headlines in relation to the public service. While Prime Minister Tuilaepa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi has been doing his best to paint the picture of his Government being a well-oiled machine that’s sailing along ever so smoothly, some developments involving a number of senior government officials in the public service tell a different story.

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The tragedy of dog attack death and Sunday’s horror crash

Life is precious. That much is undeniable. Which means that every time a life is lost, we simply cannot ignore the pain it causes, especially when we know that the circumstances, which led to such loss, could have been prevented.

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Nauru’s President has perhaps forgotten his Apia promise

Last year, the President of Nauru, Baron Waqa, was among Pacific leaders who attended the 49th Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting hosted by Samoa. During the meeting, he made a specific promise to the media. He assured everyone that they would all be allowed into Nauru to cover this year’s Forum meeting.

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Dealing with the abuse of Government vehicles

The abuse of Government assets – especially vehicles – is nothing new. It has been happening as far back as we can remember and although a lot is said about reducing it from time to time, the issue remains a costly one for the Government.

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Of drunken Associate Ministers, former Speaker and Samoa Airways

Perhaps the former Speaker of Parliament La’aulialemalietoa Leuatea Schmidt should come clean and tell us exactly whom he was referring to in Parliament last week. We are talking about the claim he made that some Associate Ministers “get drunk and badmouth Samoa Airways.” It’s a very serious allegation, especially given the fact there are 13 Associate Ministers, which means anyone of them could be the target.

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“Reasonable force under reasonable circumstance” could kill a student

The issue of corporal punishment is back on the agenda. And with it comes the need to be careful that we don’t take half a step forward and five steps back. We say this being mindful that today’s challenges are unique and they need today’s solutions.

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Alleged corruption, an open can of worms at M.W.T.I.

Last week, the investigation into claims of corruption at the Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure (M.W.T.I.) took an interesting turn. While the initial allegations were raised by a former Member of Parliament of India, Sh.P.K. Bansal and his company called Ascent Navals against the Ministry’s Chief Executive Officer, Afamasaga Su’a Pou Onesemo, it emerged there was a lot more than meets the eye.

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Why the British Law of Criminal Libel came to Samoa, and how it ended.

It showed up on 13 August 1999, when the Samoan Prime Minister, Tofilau Eti Alesana, sued the “Samoa Observer Newspaper” claiming he had been criminally libelled by it, PINA/IFEX* reminds. During the criminal libel action that followed, which was heard in the Supreme Court, Prime Minister, Tofilau Eti Alesana, passed away so that the trial discontinued.

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Letters to the Editor

How the Government can save money through Associate Ministers and cars

Dear Editor Re: Control spending, E.F.K.S. advises Govt. I totally agree with this pastor on the Associate Minister position. What a colossal waste of taxpayer money.

Street Talk

Asiata Sataraka

Public speak on vaccines controversy

The death of two one-year-old babies last Friday following their vaccination at Savai’i has led to independent investigations by authorities and galvanized debate throughout the nation. Health experts have come out defending vaccinations while urging patience until the inquiries are completed. The public was asked if they have confidence in the health system and the health of their children.

Think a Minute

The End of the World

Think a minute…Not long ago the biggest-selling book in America was about the end of the world. Watching the world’s news is sometimes like watching a horror film. The 20th century had far more people killed in wars than any century in history.


Samoa Airways – a brave decision or what?

It’s great for travellers like yours truly to compare airfares on line to find that Samoa Airways offers the cheapest fare for the Auckland to Apia route.

Between the Lines


Go Samoa Airways Well Samoa Airways is getting some good press this week. Take this one from the only Cindy of Samoa who posted on Facebook about her wonderful experience flying our national carrier.

Sunday Reading

Rev. Dr. Upolu Lumā Vaai (PhD)

'Why a Pacific Philosophy Conference: Rewriting a Pacific Development Narrative'

On the 11-14th June 2018, the inaugural Pacific Philosophy Conference (I.P.P.C.) was held in Suva, Fiji. The Pacific Theological College, the University of the South Pacific, Pacific Islands Association of N.G.Os, and Fiji National University were the four hosting partners who sponsored the event.

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