Stop being hysterical

Dear Editor, Re: Desperation knows no boundaries Hysterical you are! Just calm down your nerves for goodness sake. You sure remind me the year 2009 during that left hand drive shifting from left to right in Samoa when the Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa, the master Tuila’epa Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi had responded to criticism from Tole’afoa Maposua To’ailoa Solomona.

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What was the fuss about?

Dear Editor, I was interested in the big breaking news in your paper and on social media about a woman being appointed the “Acting Assistant Commissioner.”

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Tipping and bribing public servants

Dear Editor, Re: Line blurred between tips and bribery It amazes me that this issue is being seriously discussed. How can any fair-minded individual even consider that tipping a public servant for doing their job can be anything other than a bribe.

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Shame on Bainimarama

Dear Editor, Re: Keep our distance O.M.G. PS Jeffrey. It finally happened. You are correct.

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We are not fools

Dear Editor, Re: Minister defends role for wife of Associate Minister They may be professionals, they may be honest, they may be the nicest people in the world but the fact is it's a conflict of interest.

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A national hero

Re: Whatever happened…? Ole Palemia is a national hero and should be encouraged to continue to expose the truth. I can't believe that every H.R.P.P. M.P. is associated with some for of wrongdoing.

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A lot of nonsense

Re: Health warning alert about Tui Cable site Samoa Observer, you should be ashamed for giving this technology expert so many column inches. Was it a slow news day or is this a new section for the crazy old man in the Village Voice?

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Make him miserable

Re: Man jailed for sex with girlfriend’s sister I would ask all my friends and relatives in prison to please make his 4 years and 8 months a living hell. From sunrise to sunset and late nights too.

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The 100th annivesary of the visitation by the Immaculate Conception

Talofa once again Samoa and to you dear Editor, Thirteenth September -13/09/2017, marks the 100th Anniversary of the fifth (5) visitation by the ‘Immaculate Conception’ [Forever Blessed Virgin Mother of God the Human Arch of the Covenant] the 3 children in Fatima with the last of the promised sixth (6) visitations, to commemorate its 100th Anniversary 13th October.

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Politicians and what they do

Dear Editor We all know that politics is a career for people who are not fond of the truth. These guys are professionals at what they do and over the years they’ve learnt that the media will rap today and tomorrow it’s different topic so they’ll a different story tomorrow on tomorrow’s issues because they know today’s issues are gonna flow under the bridge of troubled waters, tomorrow.

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Manu Meredith has a point

Dear Editor Re: Businessman issues response Meredith certainly has a reason to be suspicious. How on earth could these business people be business people if they are selling their product at a price lower than the taxes they have to pay on an item?

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We need to make a choice

Dear Editor Re: Greed poisons the mind, destroys great intention It is true that greed poisons the mind but we as a Samoan culture and country have allowed this mental disease to fester within our systems.

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A great misconception

Dear Editor Re: P.M. unfazed by online attacker There is a great misconception that Samoans don’t like to defame. There is no need to educate people using the technology but education on how to properly address their concerns in a respectful manner is what is needed.

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The best renovation

Dear Editor Re: McDonald’s renovation The best renovation for this franchise is its removal from the landscape and the culture and vernacular of food in Samoa!

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Keep our distance

Dear Editor Re: How Indonesia can help Samoa Whilst I am ambivalent on the West Papua issue, this is simply a clear and barely disguised Indonesian attempt to bribe the Samoan government to remain silent on West Papua. Indonesia has already split the Melanesian spearhead group in a similar way.

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‘Enough already,’ said God

Dear Editor, I’ve been reading a lot lately about our Prime Minister talking about his divine whispers and secret communications with God. When I came across the following piece, I thought I’d share it with your readers because it seems like Tuilaepa is not the only one.

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Up to date but not available

Dear Editor Re: Audit Office rejects false reports Did you not read the statement? They cannot be released (the latest ones from 2015 onwards) until parliament has passed them. However, the Audit Office has filed all reports to FY 2016 to parliament. They are all up to date.

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Whatever happened …?

Dear Editor Re: P.M. unfazed by online attacker “When we have people who can track down people who are doing these sorts of things, it will be a disincentive for them to continue,” he said.“

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Our only Hope!

Dear Editor Re: Tough road ahead for Fuimaono Fuimaono Tafua was my rugby coach around 25 years ago for the Moamoa team.

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Coach Tafua and the language irony

Dear Editor, First of all, a hearty congratulations to Fuimaono Dicky Tafua. Ia manuia tele ou faiva! A few years ago during the Manu woes in one of its campaigns and therefore the onset of the present Manu coach malaise, Tafua was the coach then and was on the verge of being - if had not already been - replaced.

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One more reminder to protect our young girls

Every parent who has a girl child at school – including in colleges and tertiary education – should read Justice Tafaoimalo Leilani Warren’s comments on page 3 of the Samoa Observer yesterday.

Street Talk

Mele Maulolo Iasoni, 47

Line blurred between tips and bribery

The difference between tipping and bribery has been spelt out by a Cabinet Minister who said public servants should not feel bad about accepting tips for doing their work. The Minister of Revenue, Tialavea Tioniso Hunt, said it is only wrong when public servants accept bribes. What do you think? Should members of the public be encouraged to tip public servants, especially people like Customs officials? Ulimasao Fata asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what people said:

Think a Minute

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Think a minute…Why do bad things happen to good people? Why does that kind, honest person who does the right thing get fired from his job? And why does that evil crook become rich and get away with lying and cheating?


New Zealand voters energised

Only a few more days to go before New Zealand voters find out whether the National Party will have a fourth term in government.

Between the Lines


NUMBERS PLEASE Is it our imagination or has there been a genuine upsurge in the number of tourists in Samoa? We say genuine, because we are not counting those who are our own ‘sons and daughters (and other aiga) for the return home’!

Sunday Reading

EMPOWERED NOFOTANE WOMEN: During the Teuila Festival 2017, the unemployed Nofotane women sold products at their own market stall set up at the Teuila Festival site in front of the government building.

Samoan women reap socio economic returns

While the celebration of Samoa’s culture and traditions as per the Teuila Festival for 2017 has come to an end, the empowered nofotane women used the festival to enjoy the socio-economic returns from being empowered.

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