Junior puts mother first

By Aruna Lolani and Fetalai Tuilulu’u ,

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MOM FIRST: Junior Laumoli of Levi Saleimoa.

MOM FIRST: Junior Laumoli of Levi Saleimoa. (Photo: Fetalai Tuiluluu)

Family is where life begins so they will always be your life.

That is something that Junior Laumoli of Levi Saleimoa believes in.

Speaking to the Village Voice, he said some people always say their families matter and yet they have a funny way of showing it.

“I see the youth of today are just more on just talks and roaming around, doing nothing,” he tells the Village Voice.

“Some of them are barely at home to help out their families.”

Junior said he stays home with his mom and he attends to her needs everyday.

“I am just on my way to find some nius for my mother."

“She’s not feeling well and that’s why we took her to the hospital last night so we’re waiting on when she will recover."

My father passed away a long time ago so it’s just us and mom, he said 

The 34 year old has made his mother his main priority since then.

“There are people, even some in my family who have been asking me why I don’t want to find a job?"

“But it’s kind of hard to look for a job when I have my mother to care for, especially now that she’s not feeling well."

“But I’m capable of working and I will work someday." 

“Just because I don’t have a job doesn’t mean I can’t do anything for myself."

“I am capable of doing any work especially farming, cleaning and other simple chores that we do at home."

“I just have to see as to when my mother will recover then I will figure out the next step from there."

“My mother comes first and I think this goes to everyone out there that do not know who to prioritize."

“We can find work, either tomorrow or next year but we can never get turn back the time once we lose our parents."

“And I will work when I know it’s the right time."

“I’m only 34 so I have plenty of years to do that.”

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