Bus drivers’ silly lane game

By Deidre Tautua-Fanene ,

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Two Vaitele Fou buses making a wrong move in public.

Two Vaitele Fou buses making a wrong move in public. (Photo: Misiona Simo/Samoa Observer)

Two Vaitele Fou buses packed with passengers came close to colliding at the Fugalei four corners during peak traffic on Monday.

As we know, this road has two lanes and if you are coming from Savalalo towards Vaitele, the outside lane is for left turn only and the inside lane indicates no turning.

The Samoa Observer vehicle was on the inside lane at the traffic lights in front of a DAT Car Rentals heading from Savalalo to Vaitele when the Taeaomanino Vaitele Fou bus overtook the Samoa Observer vehicle.

The bus driver was catching up to a pink Vaitele Fou Bus with the writings of Blessing Transport on the side, which was in front of the Samoa Observer vehicle.

When the driver of the pink bus saw that the Taeaomanino bus took the outside lane, he quickly jumped on the outside lane blocking the Taeaomanino bus from overtaking him. 

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