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Re: Taxing church Ministers 

I disagree with the statement that to lose Christianity, or that taxing ministers would even cause this, would be to lose Samoa. 

First of all it is expensive to run a country and everyone must pay taxes. 

The H.R.P.P., and the ministers, and the church organizations, should all be paying into the common good of Samoa. 

Right now there is a horrendous decision being made to take money from education to fund the games. 

This is what will cause the decline of Samoa, not taxing ministers, both church and government, on their secret envelopes. 

Finally, Samoa existed for 100s of years quite well with a Samoan political system as well as with a native religion. 

Christianity has only been a part of Samoan society for 100 years or so and this is also the time period when the greatest decline in Samoan society has taken place. So to say that to lose Christianity in Samoa is to lose Samoa is really a false statement based on how long Samoa existed before Samoa was colonized and Christianity became such a big part of Samoan society.



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