Let’s stop the Green Lane list

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Dear Editor,

Interesting read about the turkey tails.

“What I’ve noticed is that they are part of a black market, it is being brought in secretly by others,” “he said.

“The Minister however said there is nothing in the laws that allowed turkey tails to be resold at retail stores and yet that is something that is already happening.”

“Many restaurants have also brought turkey tails back on their menus, which is something the Government will have to look at.”

 “There was also that mindset the aiga buses are one of Samoa’s iconic transportation meaning this attracts tourists.”

Do we still have Customs? If there is a black market, is it possible that the Ministry of Revenue’s green lane list is responsible?

It was useless for the police to have the public turn in their guns while the green lane list could bring in more powerful ones. 

Time to get rid of the green lane list.


Galufatio’o Tautuailevao

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