Be very careful Samoa

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Dear Editor,

Re: China in the Pacific

Afioga Afamasaga Toleafoa’s piece is very helpful to the Politicians in foreign affairs decisions. 

Samoa is most safe to stay loyal to her Traditional Partners and Allies- NZ, AUS, US, and the Western Nations, countries where Samoans outside Samoa mostly live., and from which they have helped in the developments of their families and villages in the last century. 

Samoa is a Christian Independent Nation, and her Foreign Policies in relations to the World Empires and their differing Worldviews should reflect her Nation Making Vision with her Foundation in the Christian God. 

Be very careful of wanting too much of the World too soon and for the wrong reasons. 

Samoa cannot be founded in the Christian God and at the same time play the Harlotry with other gods of our humanly created modern world.


Danny Ioka 

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